Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Book Review: Fragments by Dan Wells


I totally loved Fragments by Dan Wells. I read Partials, book 1 in this series, a few months ago. (My review HERE.) In short, I loved it! I was very excited to read the second one. I put a request in to my library, and actually got my hands on the copy pretty quickly. Warning: there may be mild spoilers for book 1. Read this review at your own peril.

We start not long after book 1 left off. Kira is roaming the big, empty city of New York, looking for clues as to who she is, who her father was, how Nandita figured in her past, and who the Trust was. Meanwhile, back in East Meadow, the Partials are attacking. A war is imminent and Marcus is right in the middle of it, stressing his life away. Despite the fact that Kira *spoiler for book 1* found the cure for RM, the remaining humans can't seem to synthesize it, which means newborns are still in peril. *End of spoiler.* And Sam is off creating his own kind of resistance.

I thought we got a lot more world-building in this book. Wells helps us totally see the abandoned ruins of the once-great city, and feel it's loneliness. I thought the somewhat deranged companion Kira stumbles upon was handled well, and the action moves right along. I love Wells's writing and am totally impressed with this story. When I settle down with it, I just can't stop reading it!

I won't give more spoilers but I think where the story went was excellent. Fragments was definitely not the last book in the series, and I think it left off at an awesome place--one that both gives us some closure but leaves us hungry for book 3. (Anyone know when it'll be out? I don't even think it's on goodreads yet.) 

We also finally see how what the twist in the relationship situation will be. Not really a love triangle--at least not yet--but there will definitely be some drama. (Can't wait! :D)

Anyway, loving this series and would totally recommend it to anyone who likes dystopians, scifi, stories about adults with earth-shattering problems, or just plain, old-fashioned, awesome reads. :D

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Has anyone else read this book? What did you think of it?

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