Monday, July 28, 2014

It's Monday: Fan Videos and TV Obsessions

My blogs may be a bit sparse this week. I had a super-crazy (if totally fun) few days, so I only got a few blogs done for the week.

Today's post has little to do with writing/reading/etc., but I thought I'd post it anyway. Lately I've been talking a lot about my favorite TV obsession, The Walking Dead. Not only is it a great show with awesome characters and plot twists, but it's also a fantastic example of the dystopian genre at it's finest.

Well, I finally finished up my first and (so far) only fan video and uploaded it to youtube. It's a totally sappy romance video for the couple I ship, but I had a blast putting it together. (It's harder than you might imagine to get the nuances right, though.) If anyone feels so inclined, click on it below and like it for me. I'd really appreciate it.

Warning: If you haven't watched all the way through season 4, spoilers abound! You've been warned!

Also below is the new trailer for season 5, which was just released on Friday via Comic Con in San Diego, and is already the most popular video on youtube. 

Have a great week, Everyone! Hope it's both fun and productive! :D

Anyone else into The Walking Dead? What do you think of the season 5 trailer?