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Lord of Chaos Read-Along, Week 6

Welcome to week 6 of our Lord of Chaos Read-Along! This week, we read chapters 25-30. Keep in mind that everything in this section as well as everything that came before is fair game for spoilers, so read at your own risk!

1. The Aes Sedai embassy, even when not meeting Rand, appears to be busy with pointless channeling and undermining Rand's noble support. With the first meeting in mind, what do you think their ultimate intentions are? How will they go about achieving them?

Obviously they have an agenda. And a plan...Yeah, I totally know what it is, so I won't say much. Except that there is a plan and you're all going to hate these ladies a lot more real soon. :D And yes, their channeling for 'preparedness' by going through novice exercises does seem a bit ridiculous. I'm all about being prepared, but they're announcing their presence, which helps people like Egwene hide from them more effectively, and it seems to me that ladies like this--ones with an agenda--could find better uses for their time, but maybe that's just me.

Egwene and Gawyn
Egwene and Gawyn finally have their moment. What will the future hold for these star-crossed lovers on opposite sides of a rift? Will Egwene manage to convince him of the truth? Will she be discovered by the Aes Sedai or can they both manage to elope?

Again, I can't say much. I'm sure it'll be harder than either of them thinks it is. All this sneaking around is bound to be noticed at some point. And, let's face it: there are still eight books to read in the series, so we can't be solving all kinds of problems yet, right? I did love this, though. Just the right amount of awkwardness and then kissing. Good stuff.

Athan Miere
3. The Sea Folk are back and they're hounding Rand for a meeting. Evidently they also have a role to play, but how do they fit in?

All the cultures in Randland have had some inkling or prophecies about Rand. The Sea Folk and their Coramoor prophecies certainly qualify. I figure, if everyone has a role to play in the Last Battle, surely Rand could make use of people who can navigate the seas. What exactly their role will be and how loyal they will be to Rand remains to be seen.

A Gray Man
A Gray Man makes an attempt on Rand's life, and Taim just happens to stop by the palance exactly then. Fortuitous timing or something else? Could there be a connection between this attack and the earlier one in the streets, which was apparently orchestrated by Padan Fain?

I can't remember for sure on a detail like this, but I don't think Rand should rule anything out. Especially Taim. In law enforcement, cops are always immediately suspicious of whoever finds the body or happens first on the crime because so often the perpetrators like to inject themselves into the investigation. We could definitely be seeing the same psychology with Taim. If the Gray Man had been successful, Taim would have been there to see it. If not (as was the case) he could--in his way of thinking--ingratiate himself to Rand by "saving his life." 

(Moiraine), Siuan and Leane
Siuan and Leane are finally healed, and Nynaeve makes headlines! Now that they're back in the fold, do you see them trying to take over the show again? And what now to do about Logain?

I can definitely see them trying to take over, but whether they'll actually be able to is another story. They aren't nearly as strong in the Power as they once were, and we've seen over and over again what sticklers the Aes Sedai are for their hierarchy of saidar strength. I did like seeing them making friends with Nynaeve and Elayne. As much fun as it is to see these ladies always at one another's throats, I think it's high time they all realized they're on the same side and worked together to achieve their goals.

As for Logain, I have to agree with the one Aes Sedai (forget which one) who pointed out how hypocritical it would be for them to continue dealing with men who can channel as they always have, when they are also supposedly supporting Rand, who has a school for those same men. I completely understand them being somewhat afraid of Taim, but his reaction when Nynaeve Healed him was quite telling, I thought, too. She said he pushed against her shield, but that seemed kind of like a gut reaction. After that, he was calm, collected, and even polite. Granted, as he pointed out, he was surrounded by too many women to possibly overcome, but still. If he and Taim had switched places, I doubt Taim would have been so easy going about things.

6. A couple of baddies resurface: Padan Fain in Caemlyn and Aran'gar in Salidar. One as crazy as ever, and the other the calculating villain we've come to expect from the forsaken. What do you think Aran'gar's orders are? And could Fain have a plan in mind that's more specific than just… being himself?


Padan Fain
(Same source as at left)
Aran'gar wants a permanent place in Salidar, which means she wants to spy on the Salidar Aes Sedai--report to the DO, perhaps?--and perhaps even influence them. As for Fain, I think there's always more to him than he lets on, even to himself. He seems like the kind of guy that's so nuts, even he doesn't know why he does what he does--and therefore neither will we--until he does it. But, I guess we'll see. :D

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What did everyone else think of this section?


  1. Totally agree with you about Taim and the Gray Man - very suspicious. Even if Taim didn't set the Gray Man in motion, he may have known or suspected. Instead of telling Rand, he shows up to save the day.

    Ha! Yes, it will be interesting to see how Siuan and Leane go about trying to become important in the Aes Sedai hierarchy again. They might finally give them all the bird and go do good deeds on their own.

    1. I can't help thinking that Siuan and Leanne might be much more useful if they told the Salidar Sisters to shove it! :D

  2. 1. I find it hard to believe that I will be hating these Sisters any more than I already do simply because I despise them at the moment . . . :D

    2. I certainly don't expect a big wedding and lots of little Gawyns running around any time soon.

    4. Yes, very suspicious all around. If it was an attempt to ingratiate himself then it shows how deluded Taim is, because it has only made Rand more wary. Perhaps it is a good thing that Taim can't hear what Lews Therin is screaming.

    5. I was rather impressed by Logain's self control when he was Healed, and I think hat it said a lot about his character and where he might go from here. It would be hypocritical to support Rand and yet Gentle Logain, but Aes Sedai are pretty good at doing whatever they want, so that might not persuade them to play nice.

    6. I am interested to see how Aran'gar's bust is viewed by the inhabitants of Salidar! I bet Uno's other eye nearly falls out!! :D