Monday, November 18, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Books to Recommend

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Top 10 Books I'd Recommend to Someone Who's Never Read Before

When I was a teenager, I did a summer babysitting job for a couple I went to church with. The woman was an avid reader and she told me her husband, when she met him, had no concept of pleasure reading. Sure he read books for school and work, but he was a computer engineer of some kind, so they were mostly technical manuals. She got to introduce him to reading fiction just for fun and I could tell she had all kinds of fun doing it and discussing books with him. He read stuff like Jurassic Park and then they would discuss it. 

So, I thought I'd do a list of books to give someone who's never read much of anything before. I'd try to hit most major genres, and give them books that would give them an idea of what to expect in any given genre, so they could decide what their tastes are and move forward. For many of these I've listed more than one book because it really depends on the person. I'd make different recommendations depending on whether it was a kid or an adult, a man or a woman, and also depending on their personality and attention span. In short, to make someone love reading, one size does not fit all, so bear with me.

10. Either Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card or Starship Troopers by Robert A. Heinlein.--One of these is more of a children's novel, while the other is adult, but both engender the classic, military-space-opera aspect of science fiction. And both are equally fabulous.

9. A Cry in the Night by Mary Higgins-Clark--again, this would depend on what type of mystery you judge your studen to love best. There are so many types of mystery out there. Personally, I prefer detective mysteries, but Higgins-Clark has been called the queen of suspense. Always fun, well-written mysteries, and this was always one of my faves. SUCH a crazy ending! Where are the Children is also a great one.

8. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer--Okay, obviously some people will disagree with me here. But whether or not Twilight is your cut of tea, it IS very indicative of what most parnormal books are: angsty teen romance, dark mood, handful of paranormal creatures interacting. You have to admit, if someone wants to know what the paranormal genre FEELS like, Twilight is as good a book to demonstrate it as any.

7. The Heretic Queen by Michelle Moran--Historical fiction would really depend on the person. I'd probably ask them what time period they are interested in and recommend something based around that era. But, for the sake of the list, I totally love Michelle Moran! I've only read a few of her books, but they're always fabulous. The kind you can't put down until last page. If you need a histfic recommendation, she's it!

6. The Road by Cormac McCarthy--classic dystopian. Dark? Yes. Tragic? Oh yeah. But perfectly indicative of the human condition and why dystopian is currently taking the literary world by storm. I'd like to read it again, actually.

5. Forgive My Fins series by Tera Lynn Childs--this is exactly the genre most guys wouldn't enjoy, as we're talking about light, fun, romantic, beach-type reads, but I just can't rave enough about how much I loved this series. So fun, and so entertaining!

4. IT by Stephen King for an adult--this horror book may be both long and creepy, but it's an amazingly well-crafted story, with unforgettable characters. There's a reason it's a classic. It's kind of a horror masterpiece. Alternately, if you're not into the R-rated stuff, go for Pitch Green by The Brothers Washburn. I was so impressed with this book. Such a great YA fantasy. Totally family friendly but with plenty of horror and suspense!

3. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens or The Once and Future King by T.H. White--to get a feel for one of the great, immortal classics.

2. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K.Rowling--you could call this middle grade or just another fantasy, but let's face it, Harry Potter's in a class by itself, and everyone should at least try out the first book. Most will keep reading. :D
1. The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan--epic fantasy, my personal favorite, of course. This book is just the first in the series, but it embodies epic fantasy wonderfully: the ensemble of characters, the journey/quest, the monsters and good vs. evil. Gotta love it!

How about you? What kind of Top Ten List did you do this week?


  1. You've got so many different genres on here - it's awesome! A lot of these are books I've been meaning to get around to for ages - the Moran books and Wheel of Time books in particular.

  2. I think Harry Potter would definitely have to be the first book for someone to read! And I also really love twilight!
    Here's my TTT!

  3. After reading Ender's Game, I definitely don't think it's for kids. I'd say go for the Heinlein instead. Classic space opera.

  4. Some other Heinlein favorites: The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, The Door into Summer, The Puppet Masters, The Star Beast, and Methuselah's Children to name a few. All great classic space (and futuristic for that time) opera. Heinlein was way ahead of his time. Also, Stephen King is a master story teller. As far as I remember, only one of his that I've read is not R rated. Eyes of the Dragon. The rest are pretty graphic. And last but not least is The Wheel of Time. Spoiler warnings be damned! Lan's last fight with Demandred is destined to be one of the best fights not only in the series but among all famous sword fights anywhere. Just sayin.

  5. Good list Liesel! The movie ending for The Road killed me, so I can only imagine what the book would do to me.

  6. That's a great and very varied list, Liesel! The only books I can get my husband to read are sports books. About some sportsman and his career, then he'll read. If not, he will get bored so quickly it's not even funny...

    Thanks for stopping by earlier.

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  7. Great list. Thanks for the recs <333

    Our TTT

    Doris @ OABR

  8. What a great topic! Of course, my first reaction was to gasp (!) over someone who doesn't read, but I actually know people like this and I never really give up hope on finding the perfect book that 'll turn them into readers. I love that you included so many genres. My husband, who does enjoying read but won't read fantasy, has absolutely refused Harry Potter, no matter how many times I've pushed the books at him... sigh. Poor man has no idea what he's missing! :)