Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Catching Fire Film + NaNoWriMo Updates with 3 Days to Go

With only three days left in the month, I've written 46,453 words in November, which puts me at 60,147 words for my novel overall. I have three days to write 3,547 words. I don't think I'll have a problem hitting it, but there is a little thing called Thanksgiving tomorrow, so wish me luck!

And good luck to everyone else finishing up their own NaNo projects.


Catching Fire Movie Review

*No Spoilers! I promise!*
I went and saw Catching Fire over the weekend, as many people did. I had wanted to re-read it before seeing the film, just because it's been a few years since I read it, but I didn't get around to it. Not only did I not have much time (NaNo and all) but I couldn't seem to get my hands on a copy. I know I have at least three family members who own it, but no one seems to know where their copies are. With Christmas on the horizon, I'm trying to (temporarily of course! :D) cut down on my book spending.

Plot: Since I didn't get to re-read the book, I'm hazy on any smaller details that might have been lost or changed in the book to movie transition. But I can tell you that, for the most part, they stuck to the plot very well. All the big elements I was hoping for were there, and I didn't see any major deviations. They did, unfortunately, cut all of Haymitch's back story. Disappointing, yes, as it helps the reader/viewer understand his anger toward the games more fully, but it actually didn't bother me much. Granted, that may be because I've read the books and feel like I already know the character pretty well, but I asked my sisters, who haven't read the books, about it, and they didn't seem too bothered by it either. While they reported that they'd be interested to hear more back story, they said the fact that Haymitch is angry, that he connects heavily with Katniss and Peeta, etc., his back story can be guessed at. So, this particular omission didn't seem to be a problem for most moviegoers.

Actors: Just as before, the actors were excellent. Jennifer Lawrence had to step it up in this second installment. In book 1, Katniss, while justifiably nervous about certain things, was mostly confident and in control. In book 2, she's slightly unhinged after her first Hunger Games experience, and that had to be portrayed as they headed into the Quarter Quell. Lawrence did an excellent job. You couldn't ask for better. Peeta seems older and more mature, which is fitting given how the Hunger Games force competitors to grow up quickly. Woody Harrelson as Haymitch was, once again, inspired. Love him in this role! And Jena Malone does a surprisingly likable turn as the fiesty Johanna. I thought they did the Finnick and his grandmother thing really well, too. It was exactly like I'd imagined it. Just, spot on.

Romance: They had to amp up the romance between Katniss and Peeta as well, which was always going to be a challenge given that one of the very first scenes in the film has her kissing Gayle. Liam Hemsworth. Need I say it again? Liam Hemsworth. But they still did a great job making the Katniss-Peeta relationship one to root for. Even my sisters, who are even more pro-Hemsworth than I am (any brother works; doesn't matter) admitted that they really liked Peeta, so I guess it worked.

Drama: I've told this story before, but when I read Hunger Games, everyone and their dog told me that book 1 was great, but 2 and 3 were disappointing. I was sad, but decided to read book 2 anyway because I'd loved book 1 so much. Boy was I shocked! When they went to Rue's district, my jaw was on the floor. As in, what the hell is everyone talking about, this one's not as good. Personally, book 2 is my favorite of the trilogy and I thought the film did a fantastic job handling the drama of insurrection and really making us feel the spirit of the story. I cried several times, even though I knew what would happen, and my sisters and I discussed the awesome rebellion of it all for hours afterward. Definitely an afternoon well spent.

Ending: I confess I don't remember exactly where book 2 ended. Maybe the film ended in the exact same place. I don't know. But I was cool with the ending. It's not as neat and tidy as the end of book 1 was, but rather is an ending that propels us into book 3 and had my sisters asking, "When's the next movie coming out? There's only three, right?"

So, overall, I really loved this film. Thought it was amazing, would recommend it to lovers of the books and those who haven't read them equally. It's well worth the price of admission.

Has anyone else seen Catching Fire? What did you think?




  1. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Sorry, I didn't like The Hunger Games, so won't be seeing this one. I am seeing Frozen tonight though!

  2. I absolutely loved Catching Fire, even more than the first one! Mockingjay has a hard act to follow!

  3. Aidan and I didn't realize it until the second viewing that his back story was left out....and we both agreed it is too bad because it gives his character so much depth!

  4. Good review Liesel. Needless to say, once all was said and done, I was excited for what's next to come and that's all that matters.