Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Guest Blogger: Karen Cole

Everyone please give a warm welcome to Karen Cole who is my guest blogger today.

Why should you hire a ghostwriter or editor for your work? 

Because it gives you someone professional that you can count on. Here at GWI, we offer you expert, affordable ghost writing, editing, and promotions or marketing for your book, manuscript, script or screenplay. We work on your memoir or memoirs, and all types of fiction and nonfiction projects. 

Email us today at karen@rainbowriting.com for a great deal on your writing project!

Thanks for visiting Karen! Everyone take a moment to check out her website  by clicking on the link above! Thanks! Happy Wednesday! :D


  1. 52 followers- you go girl. Has it been that long since I've been here. Sorry about that.

    I left an AWARD for you on my blog. It's an effort to get to know my 15 newest followers better. Stop by and check it out.

    Oh yeah, and an editor is essential, a 'ghost writer'I'm not so sure about.

  2. Always looking for great editors. :)