Friday, May 17, 2019

Cobbler, Questions and More! Come Eat--I Mean See!

Happy Friday, Story Squad!

Happy National Cherry Cobbler Day! I love cobbler of all kinds, but I'm good with cherry! I made this paleo cherry cobbler last night so I could eat it today. (Btw, it's also my sister's birthday today. So happy birthday to her (Erica) although I don't think she'll actually read this.)

Question of the Week:
So I'm starting a new section. Send me whatever questions you have and I'll pick one to answer each week. They can be about anything: me personally, any of my books or characters, or even something not book-related. Just hit reply and send them to me and I'll start giving you answers!

For this week, someone asked me this via email:

Subject: The hatching
Message: When will the next book come out? I really enjoyed the hatching. It's 2019 and I can't find any other book that should follow that story line. You said 2018. Are you still going to come out with a follow up?

Answer: Yes, of course! Most of you in my list already know this because you get the Dragon Magic excerpts i send every week. (But I thought it would be a great first/test question.) I'm actively working on Dragon Magic, Book 1. It's definitely been back-burnered over the past year or so, but not anymore. Even so, the first book won't be out until late this year or early next year. Thanks so much for your patience!

What questions do YOU have for me?

Make sure to send me your questions and check out the free books at the links below! Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Liesel - happy birthday to Erica ... and Cherry cobbler ... looks so good ... I'll be over! Cheers and enjoy answering the questions when they're posted - happy weekend - Hilary

  2. Happy birthday to your sister.
    How many books have you written?