Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Book Review: Eleanor by Johnny Worthin

I'm so pleased to finally be able to read one of Johnny Worthin's books. I've heard nothing but good things about his writing, and Eleanor in general. goes. 

**Though I do discuss my general reaction to the book's ending (whether I liked it, whether it fit the story, etc.) I stay away from spoilers for the most part. You don't have to worry about reading my review even if you haven't read the book.**

Plot: Eleanor isn't like other girls her age. She hangs out on the outskirts of the high school social circle, lives with her adoptive mother who has a nasty case of terminal cancer, and has several closely-guarded secrets. When David, a boy Eleanor hasn't seen since he moved out of the area years before returns, she starts to remember what it was like to have a friend again. She thinks she's headed toward her own inevitable doom, but her experiences with David and her mother may help her capture the human experience better than ever before.

Characters: I found Eleanor to be a very compelling character. She may not be exactly human, which makes her new to everything in high school, society, and the world at large. You can't help but sympathize with Eleanor and her plight. Tabitha and David are also very real and compelling. The main villains come from the community at large and the hostility of school bullies. Overall, I found all of them to my liking.

Writing: The writing, as I've come to expect from Johnny was crisp and clean and very easy to read. I breezed through this novel, enjoying the story and never being pulled out of it.

Ending: I genuinely liked the ending. While it leaves things open for sequels, I also thought it summed up the story very well and was a great place to end. It was very satisfying and I enjoyed it. 

Overall: I really loved this book and totally understand why it became a best-seller. I would recommend it to anyone who loves YA paranormal, high school love stories that aren't too sappy, sexual, or over-the-top, characters who are misfits, or those of you who love to root for the underdog. A great story, great characters, and a great world. Highly recommended!

Have you read Eleanor? What did you think of it?

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