Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Movie Review + RMQ
I went and saw Breaking Dawn Part 2 on Saturday morning and...I was genuinely impressed.

I'm really not a Twihard. I'm not the girl who screams and jumps up and down and freaks out when I see Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner on T.V. I never was.

I started reading the Twilight books not long after book 3, Eclipse, hit the market. I read them because everyone was talking about them and I wanted to know what all the hype was about. I actually enjoyed the series while I was reading it. I thought it was smart and entertaining, and, let's face it: I'm a girl, so while I didn't go crazy over it, I could see the appeal.

As a writer and a relative sensible individual, I could also understand the objections to it. I don't share most of them, but I understand where people are coming from.

In short, while I don't love the series, I do like it, but I try to see both sides of the debate. The only real issue I had with the books series was the way Breaking Dawn ended. That is, I HATED it! I hated it because I felt like Meyers set us up for a huge battle. The tension built throughout the novel, each character and bad guy was strategically positioned, we read faster because we could just feel the confrontation looming on the horizon, and then, the moment was upon us. (We tried to ignore the fact that it came only a few pages before the end of the book--and therefore the series--and that didn't seem like enough words to wrap it up.) And what did Meyers deliver? Not much. This isn't exactly what happened, but it kind of felt like everyone just shrugged and went home.

I hated that about the ending. I truly wouldn't have cared how she decided to end things, as long as she delivered on the promises she made. I've done entire blog posts on this! In truth, the end of book 4 (or lack thereof, as you may see it) kind of soured me on the entire series. I definitely liked Twilight less after that ending.
So, why did the movie impress me? Because it did things right! It delivered on the awesomeness the book promised. And the amazing part? They did it without radically changing the ending! Anyone who read the book probably wondered what exactly they were seeing in the trailer. We KNOW some of that didn't happen in the book, right?

Well, I won't spoil what they did with it, but I will tell you that it will shock you, and then you'll chuckle appreciatively. It's handled very well and the ending is the perfect romantic moment to give the fans what they always loved about the books.

Where the end of book 4 soured me on the series, I think the movie redeemed it a bit in my eyes. I haven't been all about Twilight since the release of Breaking Dawn, I'm kind of all about this movie. Very impressive. Very fitting end to a franchise that--no matter how you feel about it--changed the way franchises are viewed, the way books are marketed, and our cultural love/hate relationship with vampires.

Sparkle on Edward. Sparkle on.

What did you think of Breaking Dawn?

Random Movie Quotes (RMQ)
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Last week's RMQ was: "Hello Dr. Silverman. How's the knee?" This was said by Linda Hamilton playing Sarah Connor in Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Alex Cavanaugh knew this one. Great job, Alex!

Today's RMQ is:

"Kill [him]* and you risk turning one man's religion into a crusade."

*Changed from character's name.

One point for actor, one for character, one for film. Good luck!


  1. X-Files!!!!!!!! Used to be a big fan. I believe said by the Smoking Man. It was from the series, not either movie.

  2. Really enjoyed reading your thoughts on BD! I was very impressed by the movie, though I wasn't so disappointed by the book - I didn't want anyone to die! :) But they way they handled it in the movie was so awesome - definitely an improvement on the ending of the book!

  3. Breaking Dawn is my least favorite of the books, so when I went to see both movies, it was with rather low expectations. I saw Part 2 today, and the ending was just ingeniously done! That alone made it my favorite of the five films.