Friday, November 23, 2012

Announcing Persistence of Vision Art Contest + Giveaway Winners!

Good Morning and I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! Mine was full of family, food (WAY too much!) and shopping. I got lots of fun new toys and a surprising amount of Christmas shopping done. Yea me! How was yours?

Announcing the Persistence of Vision Art Competition!!!

To promote my debut novel, I'm having an art competition. I don't have many images for my book. Really just the cover image--which is awesome, but you can only look at it so much. So, I've decided to get artists and art students involved.

Here's how it works:

1) You decide you want to participate, so you email me. In your email, you include the following info:

  • Your name and information, including social networking links
  • How many entries you want to do (entry fees are $5 for one entry, $10 for two or more--as many as you'd like!)
  • How you want to pay (cash, check, money order and paypal all accepted

2) Either I send you paypal invoice or you send me some other type of payment

3) Once I have your entry fees, I send you a free e-copy of the book. It's downloaded from the publisher's website in whatever format you prefer.

4) You read the book and create images from the story

5) You send them to me and I post them online. Readers will vote on the best ones and there will be prizes, including a grand, cash prize!!!

Other details: 
  • You can create the images using any medium you want--paint, sketch, digital, photography, etc. Feel free to think outside the box. If you have any questions, just email me. My response time is generally less than 24 hours.
  • You can create any image you want from the story--characters, bad guys, scenes you liked, landscapes, etc. I'd love to see a few people produce images of what they think the time travel in the novel looks like! :D
  • I will start accepting entries January 1st, so get your book now to get started! I will allow 60 days for entries, so the last day to submit will likely be the final day in February. I'll post and email participants with any changes. After that, I will allow 90 days of voting.


The number of prizes depend on the number of entries submitted. If I only get 10 entries, I'll probably just do one grand prize. However if I get dozens or hundreds, I'll probably break the entries into categories and do a prize for each one. So, the more entrants, the greater the chances of winning prizes.

I CAN promise two things:

1) There will be a cash prize. For each book I sell, I'll put a small percentage of the profits into an account and that will be the amount of the cash prize. The more books I sell, the larger the prize. The cash will be split between winners (again depending on if there are one or several) and a portion of it will become a prize for one lucky voter.

2) There will also be other prizes for voters including swag, gift cards, and autographed copies!

Below is a widget that shows where the cash prize is at in dollar amounts. Right now, it's at $25.00, but I hope to soon see an increase. I will probably only be able to update it weekly, but visit the tab at the top of the blog to see it grow!!!

Giveaway Winners!

Announcing the winners of my first ever giveaway! Congrats to MARY PRESTON, ASHLEY NICOLE MCKINSEY, AND NATALIE AGUIRRE! They've each been emailed and received a e-book copy of Persistence of Vision! Congrats ladies! Hope you like it! 

Happy Monday, Everyone!