Monday, June 30, 2014

Einstein on Writing

I was actually different favorite quote of mine by Einstein when I found this one on Pinterest. It really spoke to me because I'm mapping out a couple of different stories and I keep hitting walls in the plots.

So what does this mean for writing? It means you've got to think outside the box. Think on a deeper level than your reader would. If you don't know what happens next in your story, go back to your themes, your characters' motivations, what their Objects of Desire are. If you want something to happen to a character (something they would react to that isn't their own doing) then consider the motivations and OODs of their enemies, or your story's antagonist. 

I once had someone ask me if I knew what happened in my series beyond the book I was working on. I said, "Yes. I have the first three books planned out. And I'm already planting seeds in book 1 that won't really come to fruition until book 3." The person I was speaking to told me how abnormal that was. She was kind of curt about it, but I took it as a compliment. It just means I'm uniquely suited to writing a series, and I'm cool with that.

So, how does Einstein's wisdom figure in your writing?


  1. She was abnormal, not you.
    There are some deeper things I'll have to reach for with my current manuscript.

    1. Thanks Alex. It's always nice to be told I'm not abnormal. :D