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Mermaid Lit Summer Reading Challenge + Game of Thrones Recap

Welcome to the Mermaid Lit Summer Reading Challenge! So I original scheduled the reading challenge to begin on 5/15, but I realized that's the middle of the week that it's a weird time to start a challenge. So, let's just say it starts this week!

To recap, this challenge is just about reading as many mermaid-themed books as you can over the next three months. Even other ocean-themed stories would work as long as they involve mermaids some oblique way (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, anyone?) The more you read, you attain more levels of achievement and are entered for more awesome prizes. See details HERE.

I'll be doing a Mermaid Lit post on Fridays with a linky list where anyone who's read a book or story this week can link their reviews.

So, bring on the mermaids and the summer season. I'm going on vaca next week and plan to lay around reading a lot of mermaid lit in the sun. Yea!

If you still want to join, just put up an opening post at any time and enter it in the linky below. Feel free to join any time. We're planning to have lots of fun and don't forget to check out the prizes! :D

P.S. If you want some bookmarks to keep you company during the challenge, email your physical address at and I'd be happy to send you some.

Time to be part of that world. Hehe.

Game of Thrones Recap

Episode 3.7 was chalk-full of good stuff! John Snow is continues his journey with Ygritte and the other wildlings. We see some of her comrades planting doubts about Jon's loyalty, and Ygritte does her best to bind Jon to her. I think they're doing a good job with this story line. Every time we see Jon and Ygritte flirt or joke together about windmills and silk dresses, we fall in love with them as a couple just a little bit more.

Robb is on his way to marry his uncle to the Frey girl, but the rain delays him. He has some sexy times with his wife, who tells him she's pregnant. I can't remember if she was with child in the book, but I doubt it will change things one way or the other. Both weddings are coming at us fast.

Sansa cries on Margaery's shoulder and Margaery tries to get her to make the most of things. They're definitely giving Sansa more time in the series to get used to the idea than she had in the books, where she wasn't told of her own pending nuptials until the morning of.

Joff whines to his grandfather about having to "walk" to the Small Council meeting. Tywin, of course, manages to both placate and intimidate his grandson. Meanwhile, Shay is unhappy about Tyrion's pending marriage. This is a small departure from the books as well. In them, Shay was more accepting of the marriage than Tyrion was, saying that he would do his duty by Sansa but always return to her. Tyrion was upset that she wasn't more upset he had to get married. I suppose it was easier to show Shay throw a fit than not. 

Meanwhile, Dany comes upon the city of Ukai (not sure on the spelling) and wants to free all the slaves there--two hundred and fifty thousand, according to Sir Jorah. One of the slavers come out to meet her and between her and the dragons, he practically runs away trying not to pee himself. Very satisfying. 

All right. Let's talk about Arya and Gendry. Most people think the series is cutting out Baric Storm and replacing him with Gendry. While I think the idea is intriguing, I'm not particularly happy about the cutting of all the semi-romance between Arya and Gendry. I really hope they revisit it at some point. Some of my favorite scenes were smoothly gone around! Dah! In this episode, we see Melissandra tell Gendry that his father was Robert Baratheon--a huge departure from the books. I've read through book 5 and even in it, Gendry still doesn't know his own paternal roots. Then Arya is captured by the Hound. Granted, as we're headed for the Stark/Frey wedding in a few episodes, this had to happen pretty quick, but still. Wish we could have had a bit more of Arya and Gendry first. A little frustrated over here.

Bran no longer wants to go to Castle Black, since Jojen told him Jon isn't there, but Osha doesn't want to take him north of the wall. We learn that she once loved a man who became a white walker and she had to burn him. About that time she made for the Seven Kingdoms. An interesting scene, with Bran bent on finding the three-eyed crow that's been appearing in his dreams since he first fell from the tower. And we see lots of sick, twisty torture for Theon. Really could have done without that.

Finally, we get some good stuff with Jaime and Brienne. He leaves Harrenhal after being assured that a letter will be sent to Brienne's father. After a few miles, he's told by the meister that Jaime's lie about Tarth having truckloads of sapphires is about to get Brienne killed. Bolton feels any ransom her father sends is less than he has or deserves, so he'll just kill her and be done. Jaime blackmails his escort into taking him back to Harrenhal and jumps into a bear pit to save Brienne. Yea!!!

*Sidenote: that was a very famous bear. His name is Bart and he's appeared in pretty much every Hollywood production that involves a grizzly over the past 10-15 years, including Legends of the Fall and An Unfinished Life. Just a bit of totally useless trivia for ya! :D

Overall, other than the subversion of the Arya/Gendry story line, I'm really liking all this. Everything's coming to a head and when it all collides, it's gonna be all kinds of tragic! Really wish Martin would get book 6 out already! 

What did everyone else think of episode 7?

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