Tuesday, October 6, 2015

First Results of my First Paid Promo

So my first paid promo is over and I wanted to do a quick post about it. I actually don't have sales numbers from my publisher yet--probably won't for a couple of weeks--but I'll do a more detailed post on how this promo worked out for me when I get them. 

For now, all I can say anything about is the ranking. 

So I paid for a promo through two platforms: Kindle Nation Daily and eBook Soda. (Both of which were highly recommended to me by Amy Jarecki, best-selling romance author.)

The only thing I can show for now is the change in ranking:

So this was my Amazon ranking just a few hours after the price change and right about the time the promos began.

This was my ranking roughly 24 hours after the promo began, and I think this was my best ranking. So as you can see I didn't hit #1 or even the top 100 in the Paid Kindle Store, but I went from a ranking of thousands or tens of thousands into the hundreds and, in one category, even made the top 50. Yea!

This is a tracker provided by KND:

So I started out being at 13, 141 on their ranking system. 

And made it up to 3,813. Not too shabby. 

So like I said, I'll do a more detailed post when I get some more concrete numbers, but so far, I'm calling this a victory.

Anyone else done any of these promos before?


  1. I saw that your book was in the 4000's - that's awesome.
    My publisher did sales on two of my books and both did really well. The one that BookBub accepted got into the top 200 for paid books.

    1. Nice! I haven't done Bookbub yet, but I want to. Hope to soon! :D

  2. Well you can't argue with the numbers. When the sales come in you'll find out if it pays off.