Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Botanist on Sale 10/3-10/5!

Good Saturday Morning, All!

Just a quick post to let you know that The Botanist ebook is on sale today through Monday for $1.99 (regularly $9.99).

Also remember that my KINDLE FIRE GIVEAWAY is still going on. For an honest review, you can enter (click the "The Botanist Epic Giveaway!" tab at the top of the page).

I'd appreciate any help you could all give me spreading the word. I've embedded some tweets below, but any help in any way you can would be appreciated. 

Cheers! And everyone have a wonderful and safe weekend! :D

Check out the Kinde Daily Nation Promo HERE.

Facebook promo HERE. (Likes appreciated ;D)


In the heat of the desert, Detective Cody Oliver inadvertently stumbles upon a strange garden adorned with exotic flowers. Upon closer inspection, he finds the garden is but a cover for the scores of bodies buried below. Soon, the small town of Mt. Dessicate plunges into chaos as journalists, reporters, and cameramen from across the nation descend upon the tiny, desert town to get a piece of the action.

Along with the media, a mysterious woman appears. She may be the only person who has come face to face with the killer, dubbed the Botanist, and lived to tell the tale. If Cody can't piece together a timeline of the land the crime scene is located on, decipher how the woman's mysterious past is connected to the killer, and bring the Botanist to justice, he may lose the people he values most.

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