Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Botanist Kindle Fire HD Giveaway!!!

So today I'm beginning my epic giveaway for The Botanist. But this won't be like most giveaways. You can only qualify for seven entries total. And to get them, there are only two things you can do. You won't be commenting or following me on any of my social networking platforms (unless you want to of course, but it won't affect your entries).

So here's how it works. I'm giving away a Kindle Fire HD. The lucky winner should receive it just in time for Christmas. (Yea!) This giveaway is going to go all the way until November, which is a long time for a giveaway, but it's got to be that way to give people time. Here's why: The only way to gain entries to this giveaway is by reviewing The Botanist. So of course, I need to give people time to read the book and write the review.

Most people who enter bookish giveaways are avid readers to begin with. If you're reading anyway, you might as well give yourself the chance to win a Kindle Fire while you do it, right?

But that may not even be all of it! I MAY be giving away more prizes, just depending on the number of reviews I get. 


  • I'd love to get a thousand reviews. For a thousand or less, I'll just be giving away the Kindle Fire HD. 
  • For every 100 reviews over 1000 that I get, I'll also give away a $25 Amazon gift card. So, if I get 1100 reviews, I'll give away the Kindle Fire + one gift card. If I get 1200 reviews, I'll give away the Kindle Fire + two gift cards, etc. 
  • And IF--one can only hope--I get 2000 reviews, I'll give away a second Kindle Fire. So spreading the word for more entries will bring more prizes and more chances to win! Just sayin'. :D

So, hop on over to Amazon, or your favorite book retailer, grab a copy of The Botanist, and then enter for your chance to win!

I'd also love help spreading the word. To that end, I've embedded some tweets below. (Sharing is caring! :D) 

So, enter below, have fun, and happy reading!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Early reviews for The Botanist:

"I had no clue who the killer was and loved how the book ended. It was so easy to get sucked in...I had to forcibly put it down or I was going to read through the first book by LK Hill but it won’t be my last." --Amazon Customer 
"The serial killer is incredibly creepy and the buildup to the final climax of the story keeps you on the edge of your seat."--Scott (Amazon Customer) 
 "I do not recommend reading this after dark. It is very creepy, and terrifying...There’s a touch of romance here, a bright spot amid a cave of horrors."--Ramblings on Readings 
"I don't usually enjoy creepy books, but got drawn into this one quickly and literally stayed up all night to see how it ended!"--Annette Stacy (Amazon Customer)
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  1. That's a great way to motivate reviews!

    1. Thanks, Alex. It's kind of an experiment in marketing. Crossing my fingers that it works. :D

  2. I tweeted it Liesel! It's a great idea for a giveaway and should get a huge response