Friday, July 7, 2017

Hooray for Dragon Boards! Want to be a Collaborator?

Hi there and Hellodie! Happy Friday!

TGIF, right? Because of the holiday this week (which was a blast, of course) it's been a crazy week for me. Even after the holiday I was playing catch up, so it just seems like everything's been super crazy, even though that's probably just my perception of it.

How was your holiday 
(for those in the States who celebrated it)? We had a really good family turn out. Those are my favorite kinds of holidays: the ones where the entire extended family gets together, eats great food, and just visits and reminisces, telling the same old stories and jokes over and over again. (And of course a cool firework show afterward helps as well. 🎆🎇)

Desolate Mantle Contest:

Remember to check out the contest HERE. The prize money did actually go up a little bit this week. Not tons, but a little. Remember that it was at $100 last week. You'll have to click on THIS LINK to see what it's at today. 😉

While there you can also read the contest rules and consider participating. Who couldn't use an extra hundred bucks or more, right? 😀

Dragon Magic

I've got some boards on Pinterest about this series. One is called "Dragons" (See HERE) where I collect cool dragon art of all kinds. I'm looking for collaborators for this board. If you want to help me find and pin dragon art, reply to this email and let me know. I'll invite you as a collaborator.

The other board is called "Dragon Magic" (See HERE) and I pin things there that are specifically relevant to the series. I may even do some giveaways and contests based around this board. Dragons make the best gifts. 🐲😉

So if you're interested--and you're an avid pinner, which I'm assuming you all are ;D--you can follow the individual boards at the links above, or else just follow me HERE.

And don't forget to check out the GIVEAWAY TAB for some FREE reads! 📚📚📚

I think that's it for me this week. Anyone have any fun weekend plans?


  1. Hey LK! Seeing Spiderman Homecoming tonight. Church and friends on Sunday. Sorry I'm not on Pinterest or I would check out your dragons.

    1. Nice! Hope you enjoy the movie. No worries. Pinterest isn't for everyone. Have a great weekend, Alex! ;D

  2. You're right Liesel. The best kind of fun are ones with great food, old stories and jokes. HOpe you have an even more awesome weekend.