Friday, July 21, 2017

Editing for Crutch Words and Passive Voice + Title Chosen!

Good morning and Happy Friday! Hope everyone's week has gone well.

I have a busy day and weekend ahead of me, so without ado, I have two orders of business. Really they're announcements. (I'll get more writing-centric posts up on this blog eventually. I promise. ;D)

1. I'm happy to announce that I have a new title for the third book of Street Games. It will be out in less than two months and my cover designer is hard at work. As I got close to finishing the writing on this book, I still had no idea what the title would be. (And of course you can't really make a cover without a title. ;D)

So I got out the index card that had my themes on it and pulled up my trusty online thesaurus. I started putting words together, looking for a title that would go well with the first two in the series and also encapsulate some of the themes I’m working with.

I got my critique group involved and came up with six possible titles that I liked. I then sent a pole to my Story Squad and they voted. The title of Street Games #3 will be…

(drum roll please)

Damaged Hope

It's an interesting choice, really. Even though it has the "damaged" in front of it, it still strikes me as the most positive title of all the options I gave. So it's super interesting to me that this is the one my readers wanted.

Anyway, I think it's a great title and I hope to have a cover to show off soon. (So excited!)

2. I finally finished my book on Editing for Crutch Words. I've been working on this for weeks and finally managed to get it uploaded to Amazon. That's the only platform it's on, currently, in ebook format. I don't plan to put it on other platforms unless I get a lot of specific requests for it.

I've gotten amazingly positive feedback on this book. It helps writers learn how to scrub crutch words and passive voice from their writing, which automatically makes it 200% stronger, tighter, and more professional-sounding.

It's geared toward fiction authors, but any editor can use these techniques to improve and it can be used on fiction and non-fiction writing alike.

Authors: No matter how much you self-edit, do you sometimes still feel like your writing sounds trite or amateurish? Editors, do you ever come across a sentence you KNOW needs fixing, but can't figure out how to fix it without changing the meaning? This is the book for you. Chances are you're dealing with the Evil Geniuses of the writing world: Crutch Words. Writers, this book will teach you how to edit for them and elevate your writing into the big leagues. Editors, this will make you into the kind of editor writers will line up to work with! Come, learn, write extraordinary!

I'd love some reviews. Click the link below if you feel so inclined. 

That's it for me, today! Everyone have a fabulous weekend. (Monday is a Utah holiday, so I'm sure I'll get zero work done that day.)

What do you think of the title, Damaged Hope? How are you at editing for crutch words and passive voice? Would you like to learn more?


  1. That's a great title. Those always come last for me as well.
    Keep me posted on the release date and I'll help spread the word.