Monday, June 6, 2016

Imminent Release of New Books!

Good Monday Morning, All!

Yup, I've been neglecting my blog again. Actually, I've been working on three projects concurrently, and that's on top of normal, everyday life stuff. So I haven't had much time. (I seriously need 36 hour days and the stamina to stay awake through them. ;D)

But I gotta get back into it because I'll probably be releasing 3-4 books (*fingers crossed*) in the second half of the year. 

First, there's Desolate Mantle, Book #2 of Street Games. Come along with Kyra while she continues to search for her brother in the underbelly of Abstreuse City, while Gabe receives more disturbing information in his brother's kidnapping case. I'll be SO glad to get this one out! It's one that keeps getting back-burnered and so has taken almost two years for me to finish. (Yuck!) But it's gonna be awesome! I'm self-publishing this one and just waiting to hear from an editor so I can fix the exact release date, but it'll be soon. Sometime in the next six weeks. (Yea!)

Next is Bastions of Blood, Book #2 of Kremlins. More adventures in Russia with Taras and Inga. What awful thing will Ivan do next. (Hint: Yeah it's about to get a LOT darker. :/) This is being released courtesy of Jolly Fish Press. It's slated for release August 25, 2016. You'll see a lot of promotional efforts on my part between now and then.

In the fall, I hope to release Dark Matter, Book #3 of Interchron. This is the third project I've been working on lately. It's not finished yet but it's chugging along. This one will be the trickiest as I'm currently in the process of leaving my publisher for book 1, and will probably be commissioning new covers for all three books.

In the meantime, I'm also writing book 3 of Kremlins (it won't be out until at least next year, but the publisher needs it early of course ;D) and I REALLY want to get back to my Dragon Magic manuscript as well. Haven't touched it in almost a year, but I have lots of fun ideas for the story, so I'll be turning my attention to that next. I'd love to have book 1 out this year--and I'll definitely aim for that--but I'm not promising it. :D

So as you can see, I have my work cut out for me for the next few months. I'm also over-hauling my website and email list, but I'll post more about those once they're finished. 

Wish me luck! And Happy Monday!


  1. You've been productive while you've been away! Good stuff.

    1. Thanks Alex! Good to be back and nice to talk to you again! :D

  2. You GO girl! You are very inspiring, LK! :O)