Thursday, April 19, 2012


Hello All and welcome to my new blog!  Why Musings on Fantasia, you ask?  Well, I'll tell you.  Many of us may know the term Fantasia from a dud of a Disney movie that hit theaters about the time our grandparents were born.  Yup, that's right folks.  While World War II was being fought on dozens of fronts, our good buddy Walt was still making cartoons.

I remember seeing Fantasia as a kid and thinking that it was SOOO boring.  Just a bunch of very old-looking cartoons set to classical music.  Who wants to watch that?  Okay, so maybe I wasn't a particularly transcendent kid, but I wasn't alone, either.  If you look up the history of the film on Wikipedia (the be-all and end-all of internet knowledge, don't-cha-know) you find that from the get-go the film got a tepid reception and never made a profit.  (Note to reader: I am an IMDb and Wikipedia geek.  I often look up histories of books, films, people, projects, historical happenings, figures of speech, and yes, even word etymologies.  Just giving you fair warning. :D )

Despite the lack of umph, several decades and many restorations and re-distributions later, the term 'Fantasia' has become a catch-all term for fantasy worlds.  The classic 1984 children's film The Neverending Story shamelessly pilfered the term to use as the name for the world created by a child's imagination.  (If you've never seen this film, PLEASE find a copy.  It's old and was never going to win any acting awards, but the depth of the issues dealt with is astounding!)

So, why Fantasia for me?  I am an author who writes over several different genres, and one of them is fantasy.  My first book, the first installment of a series, is due out this summer (2012) and is entitled Persistence of Vision.  It's a futuristic dystopian fantasy in which most of the world's population is enslaved in a collective while the few remaining individuals have been hunted to the verge of extinction.

Don't you just love the drama fantasy can create?  I was always geared toward fantasy writing, and for good reason, but I'll get into that more next time.  For now, welcome to Musings on Fantasia.  This blog will be dedicated to all things fantastical.  Much of it will be about my own thoughts, musings, writings, etc., but I will also try to keep up on news on this subject, maybe a book review or two, and probably some writing stuff as well.  (Sorry to non-writers that don't care about the technicalities of writing, but as mentioned above, I am a geek at heart!)

I welcome comments, discussions, thoughts, answers, and especially tidbits.  When I hear a provocative idea, fact, thought, or tidbit, it starts churning in my mind and that's where some of my best plot points come from.  So please feel free to share.  Until next time!  Have a fantastical day!


  1. All things fantastical leaves it wide open. Good luck and I hope to see you at Storymakers conf.

  2. Thanks, Renae! I appreciate the encouragement. Unfortunately, I won't be at LDS Storymakers. I didn't sign up in time and the day I wanted to go (the other day was already booked for me) was already full. I'll have to put it on my calender for next year! :D Have fun when you go, though. I'd love to hear your thoughts about it afterward!