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Knife of Dreams, Week 6

Welcome to week 6 of our Knife of Dreams Read-Along! This week we read chapters 24-26. Remember that everything in this section as well as everything that's come before is fair game for spoilers, so read at your own risk. Susan Voss over at Dab of Darkness is our host this week. Make sure to check out her answers too! 

Egwene al'Vere (Source)
Egwene is holding strong in the Tower. Have you had a similar experience to her revelation about embracing the pain? 

I don't know that I have much actual experience in embracing pain, but I think there's something to what she's saying. Being conscious of pain and being okay with feeling it gives you more power over it than screaming and being afraid. Think about a kid getting a shot. Most adults getting shots don't scream and cry and flail about (some still do) but that's because they're okay with feeling the pain and have learned that it will pass. This is a good illustration of what Egwene means. Just on a much smaller scale. :D

2) Egwene seems to be hoping for a mutiny from within the Tower. Do you think this will happen? If so, is it more likely to start with the initiates or with the Aes Sedai closest to Elaida? 

Hard to say. I think different kinds of revolts might come from all sides. Egwene is gaining the support of the novices and Accepted, and they're kind of the soldiers of the Tower, so that's important. They're the ones who will probably declare for her and fight by her side if it comes to that. Elaida's initiates are quite disillusioned with Elaida's reign, but I'm not sure they're willing to declare for Egwene yet. They just know something must be done about Elaida, so their (potential) rebellion will be a bit different. More than likely they'll have to be persuaded to follow Egwene, even after Elaida is pulled down.

3) Egwene hears that Aes Sedai have been bonded to Asha'men and that some Aes Sedai have sworn oaths to Rand. What did you make of her reaction that it is inappropriate (at the least) for Aes Sedai to swear oaths to any man? 

It's one of those things that's understandable because of thousands of years of custom and superstition. But, it's also the product of an earlier time that has become obsolete since Rand cleansed the Source. There's no more reason for a man not to bond a woman than a woman not to bond a man. (Wait, what?) Anyway, it's the kind of thing that Aes Sedai who lived before the Source was cleansed will probably always be suspicious of, but over time the suspicion will fade.

We spent a little time in Tuon's head this reading. What surprised you the most? Did you find Tuon's reaction to her first kiss amusing?

Yeah, that part was interesting. I was kind of annoyed that she referred to Mat in her head as Toy. That made her seem teenaged and petulant. But her reaction to being kissed--by Mat, no less--was pretty amusing. I also really liked seeing him through her eyes. Mat has never been my favorite male character to crush on, but seeing him through Tuon's eyes made him seem pretty hot. :D

Grady and the other Asha'men with Perrin are looking pretty haggard, worn out from making gateways to move troops around. Will they hold up for the Shaido fight? And young Aram is also looking pretty haggard, but from some different reason. Is he the weakest link in the forthcoming fight? 

Yeah, I actually feel kind of bad for the Asha'men. They've got it rough right now, but the never give up. Just keep giving their all. Gotta admire them for that. I won't say anything about Aram except that pretty soon things will get...interesting.

6) Play a kissing game with Rolan or meet with Galina in the burned out half of Malden to pass off the Oath Rod....Which would you choose? 

Lol. Talk about a twisted choice. Obviously one would be more fun than the other--and Rolan's got to be more pleasant to look at than Galina--but out of loyalty to Perrin (don't even think about it, Faile, or I'll start calling you bad names!) I'm gonna go with meeting Galina. And I gotta know, which one would the male readers choose?


I love seeing Egwene fighting and winning her battles in the White Tower. Such great stuff! 

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  1. Ooops. I think I was confused over the terms 'initiates' and 'novices' thinking they were the same thing. I see that the novices are bonding with Egwene and giving her more respect than some (or most) of the Tower Sisters. So i think Egwene will have a strong baking in them.

    Bumping around in Tuon's head was amusing. While she still seemed a bit childish (thinking of Mat as 'Toy', etc.) she is also developing some deep appreciation for him. There is hope for this relationship.

    Good uestion! Which would male readers choose - kissing game with Rolan or meeting Galina to play with the Oath Rod? ;)