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Knife of Dreams Read-Along, Week 4

Welcome to week 4 of our Knife of Dreams Read-Along! This week we read chapters 13-18. Remember that everything in this section as well as everything that's come before is fair game for spoilers, so read at your own risk. Sue over at Coffee, Cookies, and Chili Peppers is hosting this week! Make sure to check out her answers too! 

Sorry I'm about twelve hours late this week, but here they are!

Elayne (Obviously not pregnant here) Source
1. Elayne seems to be having an ‘interesting’ time because of her pregnancy. Do you think that she is right to be so confident of her continued survival just because of Min’s viewing? Are you concerned that she and Birgitte are going to make a massive error of judgment because of either tiredness or pregnancy-induced irrationality?

I think assuming she'll be okay because of Min's viewing is only logical. Without her, the babies certainly couldn't survive so young, so she's got to at least live. I suppose maybe she could live in a coma or something, but that seems an unlikely scenario. If I was her, I'd be much more worried about making a political blunder, or having an accident with the One Power, than about actual survival. It was kind of freaky that the power keeps sliding away from her in weird ways. I'd be more worried about that than anything else. 

Arymilla Marne (Source)
2. Some new allies have arrived, but the castle and, possibly the whole city, are rearranging themself at random. How do you see the siege of Caemlyn playing out? Will the mercenaries remain loyal or will Arymilla be able to bribe them? Can Elayne attract any of the Great Houses that have adult leaders?

Yeah, having corridors re-arrange themselves is definitely freaky. It's on par with what we saw last week with that entire village sinking into the ground. I think in order for Elayne to gain more support, something major will have to happen. There will have to be a major show of strength on her part, or perhaps an alliance with someone powerful that will convince the undecided rulers that her reign is the way to go. 

Aviendha (Source)
3. Aviendha discovers a super, new Talent and then gets whisked away by the Wise Ones. I found this chapter rather jarring for some reason: perhaps I am just accustomed to the meandering pace that the past few books have adopted! Do you think that Aviendha’s departure will have a serious effect on Elayne’s morale, or ability to stop herself throwing things? Do you find it a little too convenient that the pair can now identify the use of angreal and also recreate them?

I thought it was a cool power for Aviendha. Thought we are told again and again that she is strong, she doesn't have many distinctive Talents with the One Power, so I'm glad she got another one. A bit convenient? Maybe, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. If it's got to go to someone, why not Aviendha. Besides, it's realistic that the more you learn, the more you learn. Once she works out how to make them, perhaps the ability to decipher what they do will just come naturally. I think not having Aviendha around can only stress Elayne out more, which may lead to more mood swings. Hmm. Let's hope she can keep it together.

Soldier of the Queen's Guard (Source)
Couldn't find one of Mellar. :D
4. Captain Mellar is certainly a man in great need of a sharp dagger to the jugular. Do you think that this latest shadow will be anymore successful than the last few? Do you think that Mellar will be able to hold himself in check much longer, or will Elayne’s rudeness finally provoke him to violence?

It doesn't seem like this guy could get the better of someone like Mellar, but maybe that's exactly why he will. If the standard stuff doesn't work out, go for someone unconventional, right? Guess we'll see. I'm sure Mellar's patience will burst it's dam eventually. I just hope Brigitte is there to gut him when it does. :D

5. Someone is bumping off members of the Kin. Do you think it really is one of the two sisters under suspicion of Adeleas’ murder? Do you think that the Kin will scatter and flee once it is revealed that someone is targeting them, or will they stand firm and try to defend themselves?

This struck me as sad. Everyone just thought they were running away or were maybe Darkfriends, when really they're being murdered and "disposed of." The killer being the same one who killed Adeleas makes sense, but there's no way to tell for sure, yet. I would hope that the Kin would hold their own--most of them have developed at least some backbone since being discovered--but I guess we'll just have to wait and see. 

Nasin Caeren (Source)
6. Arymilla has a very unstable alliance built upon threats and deceit. Do you think that she can hold it together long enough to take Caemlyn? What do you make of Nasin and his ‘simple’ granddaughter: am I the only one who thinks that they are playing a very cunning scheme to use Arymilla’s army for their own ends?

Ah Arymilla. We're getting a bit more of her personality, now, and it. Is. A. Doozy. She freaks out when a servant's handkerchief touches her, dismisses servants and soldiers alike for weak reasons, and acts like an all around diva five-year-old. I'm amazed she's come this far with a sparkling personality like that. Yeah, the "simple" granddaughter was certainly interesting. Only someone as self-involved as Arymilla would convince herself that she was imagining the intelligence in the girl's eyes. I don't remember what their game is, to be honest, but I think Sue is on the right track. Overall, I'd be okay if Elayne and Brigitte can publicly defeat Amyrilla and, you know, spank her or something. (Maybe let Mat handle that part? :D)

Our Three Ta'veren (Source)
7. Rand has the link to Mat and Perrin that all three share, but he now has a link to Moridin as well. Do you think that this could work to his advantage, or will it be a massive weakness? Do you think it is connected to his nausea when seizing Saidin?

This reminds me of a Harry/Voldemort connection. And like that, I think it could go either way. I think he could find a way to use it to his advantage, but he also has to be careful not to reveal any carefully laid Tarmon Gai'don plans to Moridin in the process. I don't remember if it's connected to the nausea, but it's a definite possibility.

8. Covril has arrived with Erith! How quickly do you think that she can organize Loial’s wedding? How does Cadsuane know her?

LOL. Poor Loial. Normally Ogier take a long time to do things, but in this case, she'll want to move quickly so that Loial doesn't get away. She's been chasing him, well, since book 1, really. I don't know if Loial will be able to slip away this time. :D

It doesn't surprise me that Cadsuane knows Covril. She comes from Far Madding, which is itself a Stedding, and the Stedding are intrinsically connected to the Ogier. Plus, Cadsuane has traveled far and wide. What are the chances she doesn't know most Ogier elders?


I agree with Sue that there's a whole lot of setup in these chapters, so here's hoping there will be some payoff soon! :D

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  1. I could see Rand coming along and showing the questionable house leaders that Elayne is the real ruler. Though I think Elayne would be miffed that he stole her thunder.

    I expect that Mellar's ego will be his downfall in the end. Perhaps he is silly enough to believe that Elayne won't stoop to hiring a purse thief to follow him.

    I am not too sure if Tuon would lend Mat out to perform a public spanking of Arymilla, though that would be quite amusing.