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Crossroads of Twilight Read-Along, Week 5

Welcome to week 5 of our Crossroads of Twilight read-along. This week we read chapters 13-16. Remember that everything in this section as well as everything that's come before is fair game for spoilers, so read at your own risk! Also, Sue of Cookies, Coffee and Chili Peppers is our host today, so make sure to hop over and check out her answers in a few hours too!

1) Chapter 13 starts with Elayne returning to her bath and Aviendha alludes to some joke Birgitte played that relied upon the feedback loop built into her bond with Elayne. Any guesses as to what this joke was?

I don't know, but when I read this I was reminded of when Elayne got drunk and couldn't remember anything that happened, but everyone was laughing about something she did while drunk. I wonder if it was something like that.

2) Dyelin returns with the High Seats of Mantear, Haevin, Gilyard, and Northan. Do you foresee any issues concerning the ages of these High Seats? Dyelin seems to have an unhealthy curiosity about Brigitte. Do you think she is merely in disbelief about Brigitte's abilities, or do you think Dyelin is studying her for more nefarious reasons? 

Their young ages do seem kind of ominous, but if Elayne and Dyelin can guide them, things may still be alright. I tend to want to trust Dyelin. I think she's smart and observant and can't help but be curious about Brigitte. She must know that Elayne's warder has secrets. I'd want to know more about her, too. Just out of curiosity.

3) While Elayne met with Master Norry and Mistress Harfor (just how many spies does Elayne have in the her Palace, and can she keep them ignorant and in play?), Aviendha sheilded their conversation. Once the meeting was concluded, she told Elayne someone had attempted to listen in. Who do you think that was, and why? 

It could have been just about anyone! Anyone who can channel, anyway, which includes the Kin, the Sea Folk, other Aes Sedai, etc. I tend to think it was one of the Windfinders. I don't really see the Kin needing to do that. Of course, if it's a Darkfriend, then maybe it could be one of them. There are plenty of people that would benefit from hearing that conversation.

Arymilla (Source)
It appears that Arymilla, who is vying for the crown of Andor, isn't above holding prominent people hostage in order to strengthen her claim. Do you think she is as daft as Elenia believes she is? Elenia has a plot to use Naean Arawn in order to further her own claims for the thrown; do you expect that to go well for Elenis? What is up with the seemingly mad and definitely violent Nasin?

I doubt Arymilla is as dumb as Elenia thinks. One thing Jordan is really good at is making all of his characters, even the side ones, believe they are the smartest people in the world and definitely the heroes of their own stories. It really depends on how smart/observant Elenia is. We don't know enough about her yet to know if she's very shrewd or maybe just deluding herself. 

That said, I doubt Elenia's plan will work quite the way she wants it too. Somehow, I don't see her besting Elayne and ending up on the Lion Throne. 

I honestly don't remember what becomes of the whole Nasin story line, but the guy totally gives me the creeps.

5) We spent some more time in Hanlon's head. He and Falion have some sort of an agreement wherein they exchange info behind Shiaine's back. Which of the three do you expect to end up dead first? Shiaine asks three things of Hanlon: free some sul'dam and/or damane, shift some guards away from the food warehouses, and entertain Elayne in bed. Which of the three do you expect Hanlon to accomplish and what do you think is the master plan? 

I don't remember who dies first, but I would guess Falion. Shiane is pretty crazy and since Hanlon isn't with her 24/7 (because he spends most of his time at the palace) it will be Falion who gets the full brunt of Shiane's anger if it ever comes to that.

Hmm. Shifting guards seems the easiest. But quite a few people have managed to break sul'dam/damane free throughout the course of the series, so my guess would be one of those. Besides, I don't really expect him and Elayne to end up in bed any time soon. If he tried to force it, he'd have Brigitte, Aviendha, Dyelin, all Elayne's maids, and her entire female body guard to deal with. I'd almost feel sorry for the guy.

6) Delana shares a few shocking tidbits with Egwene: 1) Several Aes Sedai suspect Egwene has bonded Gareth Bryn; and 2) Many Aes Sedai are considering negotiations with Elaida. Which did you find more amusing? Would either benefit Egwene's efforts to make the Tower whole before the end of the world? 

I thought it was funny that Delana wondered how Siuan would take it--whether she would be angry or relieved. She obviously doesn't know Siuan very well. She and Egwene might be friends, and her strength in the One Power diminished, but I think if Egwene tried to bond Gareth Bryne, Siuan would lash out and find some way to balefire her. 

I don't think either would be much benefit to Egwene at this point. Bonding Gareth Bryne would bring down Siuan's ire, as mentioned above, and negotiating with Elaida strikes me as about as useful as negotiating with a broken water cooler. Egwene just needs to keep her cool and, you know, keep on keeping on. 


Lots of talk about Gawyn and Galad in this section, and where they might be. I wish we knew! Yet another character reunion I can't wait for!

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