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Crossroads of Twilight Read-Along, Week 3

Welcome to week 2 of our Crossroads of Twilight read-along. This week we read chapters 5-8. Remember that everything in this section, as well as everything that's come before is fair game for spoilers, so read at your own risk!

Darkhound (Source)
1. We learn a lot about Darkhounds from Masuri and Elyas. Do you expect that this will be the wolves' role in the last battle? Whom could this large pack be after, if it's not Perrin?

I think there's a good chance this will be (at least a big part) of the wolves' role in the last battle. Since Darkhounds were created from the souls of wolves, it only seems fitting that they help bring them down. (If there were dark felines or horses or, you know, squirrels, we'd see other animals helping, C.S. Lewis-style.) Of course, wolves hate all Shadowspawn, so I'm sure their Tarmon Gai'don activities will not be limited to Darkhounds. Either way, it should be awesome to see them in action.

Perrin and Faile (Source)
Perrin has no goal other than freeing Faile. Could he be fixating on her to the degree of endangering the actual mission at hand? Does he need a wake up call?

Normally, I would say yes. He's definitely fixating on her, outright saying she's not only his first but for now, only priority. With anyone else, I'd say he's endangering the mission. But we've got to remember that ta'veren wildcard here. Chances are things will work out, even if we hit a lot of twists and turns first. Besides, I don't mind Perrin's loyalty. It's very endearing.

As for a wake up call, the only thing I'd say is that he could calm the heck down. A little. He's so scared something's going to happen to Faile. And I get it. I really do. But she's been maid gai'shain. Even the Shaido haven't gone so far as to rape, torture, or murder gai'shain. At least, nothing out of the common Aiel way. Besides, it's not like Faile hasn't proven she can hold her own. So, despite feeling for him, sometimes I do think Perrin ought to take a deep breath and think a bit more rationally.

Masuri and Annoura have been meeting with Masema, and so, it seems, have Suroth. What are all these characters planning?

You know, I don't remember the details of what they're planning, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist. Obviously everyone has their own agenda and it probably has everything to do with Rand. If the Seanchan think Masema is their way to Rand, they'll use him. I'm sure he imagines he'll bring the entire Seanchan empire to kneel at Rand's feet. (As Perrin keeps saying, the man reeks of madness.) I can't remember what Masuri or Annoura is up to.

4. Masema's letter from Suroth conveniently does not mention his name or description, so Perrin could potentially use it himself. What would be on your wishlist?

Ooh, good question. We could have fun with that one. I think I'd use it to free all the damane and take them to Egwene for freeing/training. Actually, I'd take all the sul'dam too so they could learn the truth about their channeling abilities. Hmm. I'd really like to try and use it to bring down Suroth. Just 'cause. But given that she wrote it, I'm not sure how I would do that. I'd definitely try to come up with something, though. :D

Berelain (Source)
Everyone in camp believes Perrin was unfaithful with Berelain, and she's not too concerned with denying it. Could she be endangering morale? Do you really believe that she's as concerned with rescuing Faile as she seems to be?

Yeah...I still hate Berelain. She's such a weirdo. She has such massive mood swings. In this section, Perrin says that she doesn't smell like she's hunting him anymore, but that doesn't mean that she won't in the next chapter. It's like every morning she picks the petals off a flower saying, "I love him, I love him not..." and that dictates how she'll act toward him that day. (Dissociative identity much?)

Seriously, though, I think she does have some loyalty to Perrin. She's traveled with him for a while now, and he has done a lot--whether willingly or no--to help and protect her. That loyalty toward him extends to helping him find his wife. But, she'll still use him as much as she can along the way to further her own aims and those of her little country. I think that's why she wants everyone to think they're sleeping together. It's her way of claiming to be under his protection. So yeah, any way you look at it, she's still seriously annoying.

Ta'veren Reunion (Source)
Mat is heading north from Ebou Dar at the exact same time as Perrin finds the Shaido in northern Altara. Could we… could we have a meeting?

I won't make a prediction on this. I will say, I hope so! I love epic fantasy (obviously) but my one complaint would be that there are never enough reunions between characters. When was the last time Mat and Perrin even saw each other? Stone of Tear? I can't remember, but it's been a while. We definitely needs some ta'veren reunions. :D

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  1. Yeah, Perrin isn't keeping some basic facts in his forethoughts - but rather is going on instinct. First, as you said, even the Shaido have not out right abused and murdered their gai'shain. Second, this is Faile. She can take some punishment in order to wait for the right moment for escape or strike back - and she can hold her own in a one-on-one fight with most folks. She's resourceful.

    Good thought about freeing all the damane. I didn't have that on my wish list. I wonder if the invading empire would heed Perrin's demands for such? He is an outsider. So I am not sure how much he can demand even with that piece of paper.

    love that final drawing of the guys. they look so serious!

    1. Yeah, you make a good point. Just the fact that Perrin is who he is might render the paper from Suroth null and void. I liked that pic, too. It's always interesting to see people's interpretations. Thanks Susan! :D