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Words of Radiance Read-Along, Week 8

Welcome to week 8 of our Words of Radiance Read-Along. This week we read chapters 66-74. Remember that everything in this section as well as everything that's come before is fair game for spoilers, so read at your own risk! Our wonderful host this week is Books Without Any Pictures!

1) What did you think of Adolin voluntarily being locked up while Kaladin was locked up? Then Adolin's little reveal of trust later while marching on the plateaus. Do these two have a chance at friendship? 

Yes, I think they definitely do! And I'm so glad. I thought it was impressive of Andolin to do what he did. It shows how much he's come to respect Kaladin, and also that he's a decent guy at heart, much like his father. Hopefully this is just the first of many displays of loyalty between the two men.
2) Kaladin turns down the Shards, instead giving them to Moash. How do you see this affecting his friendship with Moash in the future? 

I don't know. I can see there being tension between the two of them because of this, though I hope that isn't the case. Moash has been elevated now. I just hope it doesn't go to his head. Rather, I hope he uses his new status to help his Bridge 4 friends and help change the world to one of greater equality.
3) Amaram tries to discredit and embarrass Dalinar by releasing modified versions of his visions. Do you think Dalinar handled it well? Do you think a religious sect will arise from this? And what did you make of Dalinar's conversation with Wit? 

Yeah, the whole different versions thing was definitely sneaky. It made me very indignant on Dalinar's behalf. I think he did about the only thing he could do in that situation, and actually worked out rather well. As well as could be expected, anyway. I thought it was smart to confront the issue head-on. It gave him back at least some credibility. 

His conversation with Wit was definitely interesting. I want to go back and read it again. As with all things Wit, it left the reader with more questions than answers. 

4) Kaladin starts noticing some issues with his Stormlight abilities. Then Syl points out that he made promises to both Dalinar and Moash that conflict with each other. How do you see this resolving? Will Syl be OK?

I hope so! She kind of just disappeared, and we don't know what happened to her. My reaction to this was much like my reaction to this last season of The Walking Dead: What happened to Beth? And what happened to Syl? Why are our wonderful girls all disappearing in dark, twisty ways? I just gotta breathe, get through this book, and make it to the next season of The Walking Dead. :D
5) We got to see Shallan on a field trip: moss, bugs, chasm fiend, etc. What do you think of how she handled herself both on the plateau march and later in the chasms? 

I thought she was hilarious. She manages to be very much a girl, a scholar, and a nuisance, which of course just makes her more lovable. I do think she's smart to try and document so much of what other write off or just take for granted. Even if it's time-consuming now, it will no doubt be of great use to her in the future. 

She showed a lot of bravery in the chasms, and I'm glad she had the insight not to keep her Shardeblade hidden from Kaladin. I'm glad that, despite her (so far) dislike of him, she still didn't want him getting killed. It was funny that both of them believed they'd saved the other and were worried about the other's safety, when they really didn't have to be.
6) We learn some very interesting bits about Teft's childhood. What do you think of the punishment meted out to the Envisagers? Too harsh? Correct? Do you think some of the Envisagers survived? 

Yeah, that was kind of disturbing, wasn't it? Poor Teft! What a twisted background to come from. He kind of affects a casual attitude about it, but the fact that he doesn't particularly like to talk about it says differently. The punishments definitely seemed harsh to me, but I also get the feeling we don't have the entire story yet. This was just a tidbit of a casual conversation. We need to know more. (I'm glaring at YOU, Mr. Sanderson!) 

I'm sure that either some Envisagers survived, or will appear again. There must be some significance to this story to keep mentioning them.
7) Shallan and Kaladin learn several things about each other during their time in the chasms. What was the most interesting to you? How do you see their relationship evolving after this?

Kaladin and Shallan going to end up together? She shoots, she scores! Okay, they aren't together yet, but this was pretty much them falling in love, and I thought it was done well. I liked when Kaladin realized that her smile and quick wit held real pain, and he thought it was beautiful. We finally learned that Shallan killed her dad. That was pretty intense! And I'm glad Kaladin confided in her about Amaram. Maybe she can help him convince Andolin and, in turn, Dalinar. This was a really great scene. Loved it!

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  1. The chapters this week were so good weren't they! I struggled to stop myself reading on.
    I think Moash might turn a bit 'light eyes' - hope not, but I can see it coming. He seems to be changing a little bit already but it could just be Sanderson throwing us a red herring.
    And Syl - I could have cried. I don't think her part is finished yet. I think Kaladin has to fix the situation - but what was all that screaming about!!
    Lynn :D

    1. Yeah they were SO good. Can't wait to read more, but I'm afraid to reach the end of the book! :D Thanks Lynn! :D

  2. I hope Moash can lead the way in equality too. Though it would mean him learning to not hate or suspect all light eyes first and then, maybe, possibly, giving them a chance later. Kaladin will have to work on his (understandable) prejudice as well.

    Shallan's work is fun to watch right now. But I think you are right - all her tedious documenting now could lead to break throughs later in understanding the Shattered Plains.

    I am still concerned about some horrible love triangle.