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Words of Radiance Read-Along, Week 7

Welcome to week 7 of our Words of Radiance Read-Along. This week we read chapters 58-65 and our host is Lisa at Over the Effing Rainbow. Remember that everything in this section as well as everything that's come before is fair game for spoilers, so read at your own risk!

1. So there are people with Radiant powers appearing the world over... What do you think of Lift and her "awesomeness"? And what about "Darkness"? Do you think Lift's part in the story will tie into the main plot at some point?

I thoughts Lift was amusing, if a bit juvenile. The whole "Darkness" thing was intriguing, though we don't have much to go on yet. I hope we get the chance to learn more. I really want all of these potential Radiants to meet at some point and form an army or cooperative force of some kind, so I sincerely hope Lift's story will collide with the main plot eventually. :D Could be entertaining.

2. Szeth seems to finally be taking control of himself... Will this be good or bad for Kaladin, do you think? Not to mention those who've been controlling him until now...

I think this will be good for Kaladin in the long run, though it might be a very, very long run. I can see there being a lot of drama and obstacles along the way. Since he and Kaladin first met as assassin and protector, I think it would be intensely awesome if they ended up not only allies, but friends. Maybe I'm wrong, but I can't wait to see where Sanderson goes with this!

3. Eshonai is getting more and more dangerous in her new form. Do you think she'll succeed with her plans? What about the dissenters who have escaped? Where do you think they'll end up going - assuming they survive the next storm?

I doubt she'll accomplish her plans in their entirety, as that would probably mean the deaths of all our main characters, but I'm sure she could do some serious damage and stir up some serious trouble. I worry about the fact that no one seems to fully realize how dangerous she's becoming or feel inclined to stop her.

I hadn't even given thought to where the dissenters might go. It would be interesting if they defected to the Alethi and tried to warn Dalinar. Guess we'll find out.

4. Wit returns to pay Kaladin another visit, leaving him with an important thought... What did you make of the story? And now Wit has visited Kaladin and Shallan both. Do you think he sees some connection between them? If so, any thoughts as to what sort?

Yeah, I definitely think Wit sees more than most of our characters do. I think he's trying to help both of them realize their own greatness. It's almost like he's guiding them toward their destinies. The story was tragic, and I think it will figure in the plot, even if it's just symbolically. But I also think the point he was trying to make was more important than the story itself. He was trying to get Kaladin to realize that he has a great deal of power over his own destiny. More than Kaladin realizes he does. I really loved this scene. Very intriguing.

5. Shallan's continuing to develop her skills, but refuses to listen to Pattern's advice about remembering what she already learned. It seems she's almost afraid to, not that I blame her... Do you think she'll change her mind on her own?

I don't know if she'd change her mind on her own. It seems that she's getting closer and closer to remembering, but I can see that something might have to force her to it before she fully submits to the memories. When she finally does, they might incapacitate her for a time, but anything that forces her to remember would have to be in service of something greater. In order for her to submit, the reasons would have to be worth it to her. Obviously right now there are no stakes in her life that are that high. I have a feeling that will change at some point, though.

6. Kaladin's reaching a dangerous position regarding the King... Do you think he'll really go through with some plan to kill Elhokar?

I tend to think no. Kaladin is too decent a guy to go along with an assassination. Despite his thoughts, I think he's more likely to try and have Elhokar removed via other means--political perhaps or simply getting Dalinar to see reason concerning the King. I do worry that if, for even a short time, he listens to the would-be assassins, he could lose Dalinar's trust, which could be both tragic and catastrophic. 

7. Lastly, what do you make of the snippets of the letter that start off each chapter? Who could be writing it, and who is it addressing?

The passages from the letter are interesting, aren't they? My theory is that it's a letter to Wit, though I don't know who it would be from. The woman he referenced that's near his age, perhaps? The reason I think so is the one that says something to the effect that "you name yourself based on what you believe to be one of your virtues." Wit's name is the only one I can think of that fits the bill. I'm interested to see everyone else's theories. :D

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  1. I too am greatly hoping that Szeth and Kaladin become allies at some point. And I can't wait to see what epic awesomesauce Sanderson puts together to make that happen.

    I like your point that Kaladin has a lot of power over his destiny and he doesn't yet see that. Poor Syl, she keeps trying to tell him. But his fear and past pain keep him tethered.

    I guessed that the letter snippets were either to Wit or from Wit. Looking forward to learning more about that letter!

    1. Yeah, Syl isn't having much luck lately, is she? Thanks Susan! :D

  2. It would be good if Szeth does come around but I have a horrible feeling that he's more likely to want revenge (like Susan said in her post). He might go back and kill the King who owns his oathstone!
    I really need to go back and look at the snippets from the letter.
    Lynn :D

    1. Yeah, that's a definite possibility. It will be interesting to see where Sanderson takes it. :D Thanks for stopping by, Lynn!