Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday: Historical Fiction

Thoughts for Thursday is a new feature hosted by Musings on Fantasia and LKHill.  In this meme, we share thoughts or quotes that we know or have recently come across. Each week there is a specific subject or theme. These can be quotes from books, quotes by famous people, (quotes by YOU, perhaps ;D). Anything from anywhere is game, though we do ask that you keep your quote to a few sentences at most. Don't quote, for example, entire passages of a book or essay. These can be funny quips, cool sayings, hair-raising antidotes, movie lines, any kind of quote you can think of!

Just have fun, collect awesome sayings by awesome people, and try to be inspired!

My historical fiction debut, Citadels of Fire is available now, and the launch party is this Saturday! In honor of that, this week's theme is Historical Fiction!

"I have always regarded historical fiction and fantasy as sisters under the skin, two genres separated at birth."--George R.R. Martin

"I am not a fan of historical fiction that is sloppy in its research or is dishonest about the real history."--Kate Mosse

"When I was growing up I loved reading historical fiction, but too often it was about males; or, if it was about females, they were girls who were going to be famous like Betsy Ross, Clara Barton, or Harriet Tubman. No one ever wrote about plain, normal, everyday girls."--Kathryn Lasky

"Concentrate your narrative energy on the point of change. This is especially important for historical fiction. When your character is new to a place, or things alter around them, that's the point to step back and fill in the details of their world."--Hilary Mantel

"I got nice rejections explaining that historical fiction was a difficult sell. But I kept trying..."--Anita Diament

"Knowledge of our past is our inheritance. What we do with that knowledge will shape our destinies."--L.K.Hill

So many of these apply to me or to my historical fiction novel! That last one is mine! Head over to my other blog to read some more amazing quotes about historical fiction!

What's your favorite quote about historical fiction? Do you have one to add?


  1. Congrats on the party Liesel! I don't think anyone does it better than Martin.

    1. Thanks Maurice. I'd have to agree! :D