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Game of Thrones Episode 4.7 Recap

Welcome to my Game of Thrones Recap. I love the Song of Ice and Fire series, and I'm loving (for the most part) how HBO is handling turning it into a live action series. In these posts, I recap the most recent and discuss what I thought of it, how it relates to the book, etc. Warning: This post is pretty much 100% spoilers, so read at your own risk!

Episode 4.7: Mockingbird

This episode starts out with Jaime talking to Tyrion in prison. He claims he cannot be Tyrion's champion because he isn't good enough with his left hand yet. Tyrion decides to ask Bron to fight for him again. (He previously was Tyrion's champion at the Eyrie and won.) Days later, when Bron finally surfaces, he informs Tyrion that he won't be his champion. He doesn't think he can win against the Mountain (whom Cersei has chosen), and Cersei has arranged a wealthy match for him. Tyrion is very forgiving of Bron, more so than I remember him being in the book. I was always so disappointed that Bron abandoned Tyrion in his time of need.

Arya and the Hound are still a-traveling. They come to a burnt out structure with an injured, dying man sitting beside an overturned wagon. He's dying slowly, his insides leaking out. After some conversation, the Hound kills the man, ending his pain. Suddenly two men leap out, one of them jumps onto the Hounds back and bites him. The Hound breaks his neck. The second chap turns out not to be the brightest crayon in the box. Arya asks his name, which he gives, and then he stands still while she stabs him in the heart. Obviously a fighter with lots of potential. Later the Hound's wound festers and becomes infected. Arya tries to convince him to cauterize it, but he is too afraid of the fire and refuses. He gives her an account of how his brother burnt him and why. Eventually he allows her to wash out and sew up his wound. This relationship is so interesting. Technically the Hound is on her execution list, but she's come to like and perhaps even trust him. Meanwhile, he's begun to confide in her, and when she killed the second attacker, he said, "You're learning." It's become pseduo-friendship/master-student relationship, yet there's still a great deal of standoffishness there. Always interesting.

At Castle Black, Jon Snow's group returns and report that the Wildlings are growing ever closer. Jon tries to convince Alastair to seal the tunnel under the castle, but Alastair refuses. His warnings fall on deaf ears.

Across the world, Dany and Daario hook up. Jorah disapproves, both of that and the fact that Dany sends Daario and his men to retake Yunkai to retake the city and kill the slavers. Jorah convinces her to give them a choice: either accept her rule and abolition of slavery, or die for their oppression beliefs. It was kind of a nice moment between the two of them.

Meanwhile, Stannis's wife tells Melissandra that Stannis wants to bring their daughter when he leaves, but she wants the daughter to stay home. It's less about her daughter's safety than the fact that the daughter isn't full committed to the "Lord of Light," but still. After some rather creepy, naked, face-touching, Melissandra tells the queen that her daughter must be with Stannis when he sails. Obviously this is a setup for future events. 

Brienne and Pod stop at an inn and meet Hotpie (I've missed him!) He launches into a discussion about kidney pie and the importance of gravy. (With ya all the way, man!) Brienne asks him about Sansa. When they leave, Pod warns Brienne that perhaps she shouldn't be quite so open about who they're searching for. It could be dangerous. Hotpie comes out to them and tells them that he recently saw Arya, and the direction she went in. He gives them another wolf cake for her, and asks that if Brienne find Arya, she gives it to her. Pod, who learned much about loyalty and hatred between the houses, tells Brienne that the Stark girls have an aunt (Lysa) in the Veil. Brienne thinks Sansa could be there as well. They head in that direction.

Oberyn visits Tyrion and, after telling him a rather cruel story about what Cersei did to him as a newborn, offers to be Tyrion's champion. He wants revenge on the Mountain for killing his sister and her children. (I believe she was married to the Mad King.) This was kind of a cool moment, though he really didn't need to tell the story and make Tyrion cry first. Just sayin'.

Finally, we get one of the last chapters of book 4. While she's building a Winterfell Castle out of snow, Sansa's bratty cousin Robin shows up and ends up ruining her creation. When she lectures him and he throws a fit, she slaps him, and he runs to his mother. Baelish appears, commends Sansa on disciplining the little snot, and then kisses her. Lysa calls Sansa to her, and tries to throw her out the Moon Door for "stealing her husband." Baelish shows up and convinces her to let Sansa go, after which he pushes her out the Moon Door himself. *Sigh* Not that I'm sad Lysa is dead, but this just drives home how slimy Baelish is. Not only is he creepy, telling Sansa she might have been his child and then kissing her, but he is cruel to Lysa before murdering her. He tells her he's only loved one woman his whole life--her sister Caitlyn. This dude is a monster, but the type that is quiet, subtle, and manipulative. And now Sansa is alone with him in the Veil.

Overall, a good episode. Mostly setups for next time (Tyrion's trial by combat will probably be next week) but good stuff overall. 

What did everyone else think of this week's episode?

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