Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Words of Radiance Read-Along, Week 3

***Sorry this is up so late this week! Grrrrh for how much moving disrupts blogging life!***

Welcome to week 3 of our Words of Radiance Read-Along! This week, we read chapters 16-28. Remember that everything in this section as well as all that came before is fair game for spoilers so read at your own risk!

1) We have a new character on the scene: Zahel, a swordmaster. What do you think of his interest in Kaladin? 

I think it's promising. I kind of like that he's not your typical suave sword master. He obviously recognizes Kaladin's skin, even from afar, and that makes me like him. :D I'm excited to see where this story line goes. Plus, he obviously knows what he's doing. The image of Renarin landing on his head and other things over and over again in the background while Zahel and Kaladin chatted was hysterical.
2) We learned a bit more about Shallan's past. What do you think her brother Heralan was doing all those years ago, coming and going as he did, and where did his Shardblade come from? 

I really have no idea, but I SO want to know! He was doing something that 1) was rebelling against his father, 2) got him a Shardblade and 3) was really secretive. I'm sure we'll learn eventually and it will be big!
3) What do you think of Shallan's recent actions with the caravans? How about her growing friendship with Tyn? And her first interaction with Kaladin? 

I think Shallan is SUCH a smart girl. I love that she can pull off the authority tone and get them to serve her. I'm not sure about Tyn. She seems cool and she can teach Shallan a lot, but for some reason I keep thinking this friendship might get twisted around and end up bad. Guess we'll see. 

As for Kaladin, I really want these two to be friends, so I didn't like that she put him on the spot and basically pissed him off. Of course, there's got to be tension, right? I loved how she "hoped" she'd never meet these soldiers again. Yeah, like that's gonna be the case. Don't you know that you and he are the main characters, Shallan? Anyway, I'm sure when they meet again as Andolin's fiancee and Dalinar's bodyguard, it will be all angsty and hilarious.
4) Kaladin took Syl's advice and confided in Dalinar concerning Amaram. What do you think Dalinar will do with this information? 

I hope he genuinely looks into it and finds the truth. At this point, I think he's hoping Kaladin is wrong, or that it was just a misunderstanding. Hopefully any covert investigation he does will prove that to be wrong and show that Kaladin is being truthful.
5) There has been yet another attempt on the King's life. Do you think this is another faked attempt (as Ehlokar did with the saddle girth in Book 1)? If not, who do you think is the most likely culprit? 

No, I think this is more likely to have been real. It really didn't sit well with me when it was suggested that Moash might have had something to do with it. I hope not! That said, I do think it might be the work of someone close to the king. Of a character we already know and love. It's always disheartening when that happens, but I can kind of feel it coming.
6) Gaz has returned to the story, after having mysteriously dropped out in Book 1. What do you think he isn't telling Shallan? How do you think the men of Bridge 4 will react upon seeing him again? 

I can't help but want to like Gaz, even though he's always been kind of a jerk to Kaladin. I don't know what he's hiding (I'm sure we'll find out) but I'm sure the bridgemen won't jump for joy at seeing him. On the other hand, Shallan is so skilled at dealing with him, maybe she can smooth things over and bring them all together?
7) Eshonai and Adolin had a brief chat on the Shattered Plains. What will come of it? How will the Parshendi ever get a messenger to Dalinar? 

I don't remember this part at all. I must have missed it or not read far enough. Will have to go back and see.


I love it when Pattern slips and lets out some unplanned information out to Shallan. Everything she learns is fascinating and I read it two or three times to try and remember it all. Can't wait to get more, until the whole, bigger picture of this world comes together! :D

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  1. I hope other than the disruption to the blogging, that the rest of the move has gone well!

    Haha! Yes, Heralan does seem to be rebelling against his father, and it has to be something bigger than sneaking out to drink, smoke, and have sex as it got him a Shardblade. I am thinking possible secret society type stuff.

    I am soooooo looking forward to Shallan and Kaladin meeting again, especially if there is a chance for him to tease her about her boots. I think he will take her initial deception in stride, especially once he learns that she freed some slaves.

    If Dalinar thinks there is possibly some misunderstanding between Kaladin and Amaram, then he is delusional. Kaladin didn't mince words. He was pretty blunt about Amaram taking the Shardblade, killing Kaladin's men, and branding Kal a slave. I don't think Amaram can come up with some misunderstanding story to cover all that.

    I haven't been a fan of Gaz....but then he was the first to follow Shallan's orders and go help out the caravaners. So that gains him points in my book. But can he keep making choices like that? Or will he turn into a gambling asshole when he is once again in society?

    Pattern expects to die while learning about Shallan! He really does, and he came anyway! I think this makes Pattern a little crazy and I wonder how else we will see that streak of bravado as his communication increases.

  2. I completely forgot about Moash!
    Kaladin and Shallan - I wonder if they're going to be attracted to each other - which could be difficult given the relationship intended between her and Andolin - plus Andolin is hardly Kaladin's No.1 fan as it is (because that's me!!)
    Lynn :D