Sunday, March 30, 2014

Path of Daggers Read-Along, Week

Welcome to the final week of our Path of Daggers Read-Along. This week we read chapters 27-the end. Remember that everything in this section as well as everything that's come before is fair game for spoilers so read at your own risk!

(Sorry no artwork this week. I had a crazy weekend and am lucky to get this post out on time at all!!)

1. The Sea Folk have made a Bargain with Rand. Do you agree with him that it is not as restricting as it might seem? Were you impressed with his scheming way of immediately seeing a way to their demands to reduce their impact?

I think the agreement definitely could have been worse, and in that way isn't as restricting as it could be. I think Rand has become a bonafide politician as well as a battle lord. He's doing a good job with everything, considering how much he has to juggle right now.

2. I honestly thought that Cadsuane had met her end and that Rand was going to burn her into a tiny, crispy pile of ashes. Knowing what we do about her intentions, were you surprised by how she dealt with him? Are you worried about his anger management issues?

Cadsuane is a wise woman. I think she has a plan for everything and chances are, even if Rand lost his temper with her, it would be because she planned for it to happen that way. I do worry about Rand's temper, but again, I think Cadsuane is too smart to be caught off guard by it.

3. The Super Girls have a murderer in their midst. This was a total shock to me, but did you see it coming? Do you have any suggestions for the murderer’s identity and the reason behind the deaths?

No, I didn't see it coming. It was super sad, though. I kind of liked the two sisters and was sad when one of them died. The murderer could have been anyone--any of the Kin or the Aes Sedai or even the Sea Folk. Probably a Darkfriend, but there's no way to be certain of the identity. As for the reason behind it, Vandene and Adeleas were spending a lot of time with Ispan, who we know was a Darkfriend. Probably her Darkfriend higher-ups were afraid she was giving up too much information. The Aes Sedai was just collateral damage.

4. We witness the rather unpleasant demise of Jaichim Carridin and Falion Bhoda being terrified into submission. Any thoughts on Lady Shiaine and her activities? Is anyone else seriously creeped out by Daved Hanlon and his unpleasant memories?

I can't remember much about Shiaine specifically, except that I always thought she was pretty dang evil. Just can't remember why. But this chapter was evidence enough. Definitely creepy. Both Shiaine and Daved Hanlon. *shivers* If either of these two tripped on Perrin's ax and died....well, I'd be okay with that.

5. It would seem that there are some rogue Asha’man. I think that Dashiva has always seemed rather ‘off’, but were you surprised that they attacked Rand so openly? Do you think that this will postpone any chance of him ‘visiting’ Elayne in the near future?

I remember being shocked the first time. We all suspect Taim, but these guys seemed to be loyal to Rand. Then, just out of the blue, they totally freak out on him. This definitely doesn't bode well for Rand's state of mind. It'll probably make him more worried and paranoid about keeping those close to him safe than ever.

6. The aftermath of the attack was rather strange and I was seriously disturbed by Rand’s murder of Fedwin Morr. Why did he suddenly have the mind of a child and why did Rand kill him? Did Taim’s appearance make you more or less suspicious of him?

I think the attack by saidin left Morr completely mad. He suddenly retrogressed to the mind of a child and--as evidenced by him trying to build a life-size tower to protect Min--that could be very dangerous for someone who can wield saidin. It was definitely a disturbing way  for Rand to deal with it. After such a blatant attack, Taim would have been suspect whether he showed up or not. The thing that was interesting to me was that he was surprised how calloused Rand had become. He was almost intimidated by Rand's harsh state of mind.

7. The last ‘real’ chapter was packed with “Argh!” moments! Do you think that Masema might give himself a coronary if Perrin aggravates him enough? Did Berelain escape to warn Perrin about the Shaido taking Faile? Why on Earth did we have to stop just as the rebels arrived at Tar Valon??????

Masema is definitely an unpredictable guy. Even if Perrin doesn't aggravate him, I worry that he'll have a hangnail and decide to start slaughtering people. I know whether or not Berelain escaped, but I won't tell. And I had to laugh about the Tar Valon question, because I thought EXACTLY the same thing the first time I read it. It definitely makes you want to dive into book 9!


Not a lot of huge events happened in this book. It sort of felt like a setup or in-between kind of volume. But, I really love the ending. Jordan does several endings this way. I mean the final chapter that explains how rumors spread and people base their lives around them. I think he has endings like that for the next several novels, but this is one of my favorites. It's just so well done! And, of course, I love the cover picture. I've said it before, but wanted to say it again in the last Path of Daggers post. :D

What did everyone else think of this section?


  1. I was a little sad at one of the sisters being offed too. I know some sisters share a special bond, but if you already have that special bond with your sister, and then you both go through the Tower and become Aes Sedai, and both live through adventures for who knows how long, and to finally lose your sister to something like this.....I hope we see some retribution in the future.

    snort...I hope Perrin leaves his axe around where Daved or Shiane can trip over it.

    I too enjoy that Jordan shows us how rumors can spread and how misinformation becomes the 'truth'. With today's tech, communications is so easy that I know I forget what it must be like without it and how news was more supposition and guesses and perhaps even outright storytelling once upon a time.

  2. 1. I was quite surprised by how astute Rand has become, but it was very welcome: he is becoming a true leader.

    2. I was more concerned that Rand was behaving so impulsively: that makes me think that he is far too stressed and likely to snap emotionally, which could have very bad consequences for everyone within a ten mile radius.

    3. I always think that it is the mark a really skillful writer if they can make you care so much about the death of a relatively minor character. This week we had two of them, and they were both very moving in different ways. Strangely, I wasn't as upset when Moiraine took her tumble through the doorway . . .

    4. Evil and surprisingly competent: a very dangerous combination.

    5. Agreed: Rand's paranoia is going to be even worse now and I am not sure how he can devise a way to test the others for 'evilness', which makes it even worse. Perhaps Sevanna will let him have that spare oath rod that she's waving about?

    6. I suspect that Taim, who I am convinced is evil, has a massive ego and so rather underestimates Rand. I suspect that he thinks Rand is an easy target, so this was rather unnerving for him. Oh dear, what a shame! :D

    7. Masema seems as deranged as Dashiva . . . so that hardly inspires a huge amount of confidence.

    1. I agree! The tension is building on all fronts. Here's to reading toward the explosion! :D