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Path of Daggers Read-Along, Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of our Path of Daggers read-along. This week we read chapters 5-9. Remember that everything in this section, as well as everything that's come before, is fair game for spoilers, so read at your own risk!

Our Super Girls dominate the Bowl of Winds (Source)
1. The Super Girls finally got to use the Bowl of the Winds. The power needed and the weaving involved were both certainly impressive, but were you a little underwhelmed by the immediate lack of results?

Maybe a little. I don't remember what I thought the first time I read it, but this time I assumed the results would be pretty much instantaneous, which means I remembered it wrong. It kind of made you want something epic but didn't deliver right away.

2. The different groups of channelers can certainly work together when faced with the Seanchan. However, do you think that Elayne and Nynaeve have any hope of keeping them together as they travel to Caemlyn, and will Egwene be anymore successful?

Hard to say. This is just one of those things where extreme circumstances bring people together, but the farther they move from those circumstances, in either time or space, the more they forget why they were all working together to begin with. Soon things dissolve into petty squabbles, which we've already seen these ladies are definitely capable of. So I guess it depends on what happens from here on out.

Aviendha. Don't mess. (Source)
3. Holy Exploding Weaves, Batman! Last week we saw Merilille’s terror as Aviendha unpicked her weaving, so were you surprised by how much damage Elayne caused? Do you expect the Seanchan to accept the Chulein’s assessment that it was a weapon of some sort?

Yeah that was pretty intense. It's one of the scenes Eivind and I referenced last week as "you'll see this again." It's suddenly understandable why the more experienced Aes Sedai had a meltdown when they saw what Aviendha did. It's hard to understand the magnitude until you see it first hand. I did think it was pretty cool that the Seanchan flier's assessment was that it was a weapon, even if it really wasn't. (Sort of.) Yeah, don't mess with Aviendha.

4. The channelers with Perrin saw the weaving from the Bowl and it appears to have had a lasting effect over a huge area. Do you think that Perrin is really hearing thunder and is it actually starting to get cooler as he and the others mention a few times?

It occurred to me that the "thunder" could be the Seanchan in other lands wreaking havoc, though there's no mention of this possibility from the channelers with Perrin. I can't remember for sure if we find out the actual source of the thunder. As for the other question, it would be an awfully huge coincidence if, right after the Bowl of Winds was used to heal the weather, Perrin starts hearing thunder and feeling cooler, and it wasn't related. I wouldn't count on that.

5. A certain group of travellers is not quite what they seem. Were you surprised that Morgase did not reveal her identity to Perrin? Do you think that she will give the game away when Perrin tries to marry her to Tallanvor?

I don't think 'surprised' is quite the right word. I remember reading this the first time and hoping she would tell him who she was. But not really surprised that she doesn't. She took that oath of renunciation of the Lion Throne very seriously. She's even taken to her new name with a lot of seriousness. Obviously she can't be secretly harboring a desire to broadcast her identity. I just really want people to know who she is and I really want Elayne and Gawyn to realize their mother is alive. *sigh* As for the second question, I remember the answer to that one quite well, so my lips ( keys?) are sealed. We won't see it play out for a while, though.

6. Oh good, the Faile-Berelain antagonism is still in full flow. What do you think the Cha Faile are doing in Bethal? Will it work with or against Berelain’s attempts to make an alliance with Queen Alliandre?

Um...yeah, not going to answer this one either. Let's just say never underestimate Faile's scheming, and that the first question has a lot to do with the second. *cue mysterious music*

7. The Wise Ones have decided that Masema must die and at least one of the Aes Sedai agrees with them. Given that he has followers collecting strings of ears, do you think they are correct and the Prophet is too dangerous to be kept alive?

Yes and no. I honestly understand both sides of this. Is Masema dangerous in more ways than one? Definitely. I wouldn't mind in the least if one of the Asha'man accidentally cut him in half with a gateway. But, Perrin's argument about the message it sends if Rand kills one of his most open, blatant supporters is a good one. People would read into that more than necessary and inevitably be some people--*cough* Forsaken *cough*--that would try to use it to undercut Rand's position. Moral of the story? World politics = migraine headaches. Who knew?


Hopeless romantic alert! I loved the scene where Tallanvor more or less declared his love for Morgase. He really grows on you. I totally love this budding romance, even if I get a bit irritated with Morgase from time to time. (There is really no good fan art that depict these particular characters.)

I love that Sebbin Balwer has ended up working for Perrin. He's a ridiculously smart dude with lots to offer his prospective employer. Thank goodness he's stopped working for the douche--er,  Whitecloaks, and is now in the employ of someone much more worthy of his talents: our resident, lovable Lord Blacksmith.

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  1. Even if there are a hundred thunderous things Perrin could be hearing, I'm pretty sure RJ just intended it to be the weather. Simplest explanation and all that.

    Yeah, I also really want Morgase to reveal herself, not because it's necessarily the smart thing to do, but because it would clear up so many misunderstandings and create a lot of great scenes to watch. But you know, those scenes will come eventually.

    I totally forgot about Balwer. Thumbs up for Balwer!