Monday, March 17, 2014

It Feels Like a Dragon Monday

Confession: I'm doing several picture-oriented posts this week. I don't know if that's because I couldn't think of anything else, or if I'm just being picture-happy. (Click HERE for a historical quiz on my other blog involving kid/baby pictures of famous people.)

For today, I just wanted to post some dragon pics!

I keep saying I'm going to start doing some heavy duty editing on my Dragon Magic book, and I do keep meaning to, but other things get in the way. I've been trying to get the second book in my crime fiction series (Street Games) squared away, and it still isn't finished yet. 

But...I still got through the first chapter of Dragon Magic over the weekend just put me in a very dragon-ish mood. So, I thought I'd post some of my favorite/most inspirational pictures/quotes about dragons. Any time I see any of these, I just want to dive right back into my dragon world! :D

What do you think of them? Which is your favorite? What does it make you think of?


  1. Father Dragon Al would like those!
    Yes, always remember we taste good with ketchup.

  2. Tolkein's quote is great. Must have dragons!