Monday, January 20, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Wishlist for Reading

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Top 10 Things on my Reading Wishlist (If you could make authors write about these things you would; could be a specific type of character, issue, time period, plot, etc.) 

10. Psychological Thrillers/Mysteries --Not enough awesome examples of these around, though I'll admit there are still several of these on my TBR list I haven't gotten to yet.

9. Christian/Religious Characters -- I don't mean Christian fiction, and I'm not even particularly picky about the religion (though being a Christian, I am partial to it :D) but everyone is so worried about being politically correct these days that most characters I see in fiction have no religion in their lives whatsoever. I would like to see characters that have a professed set of beliefs, even if it's very traditional or completely defines who they are, and live their lives by them.

8. Awesome Anti-Heroes --  A great anti-hero is deeply flawed, but in many ways, the readers are more loyal to them than to regular heroes, because they understand the things that have created these flaws and want to see these characters become better. I don't see enough examples of great anti-heroes in my reading.

7. Historical Fiction from other Cultures/Countries -- I love learning things, especially when it comes to eras of oppression and characters in them struggle with basic rights, in other countries, cultures, and corners of the world. I wish more of this kind of literature was available to us. It's not that it isn't written, but most often it is written in other languages, not translated, terribly translated, or simply not very available in other parts of the world than that which it was written in. I'm working on lots of projects right now, but eventually, when I finish a few of them, I may remedy this myself.

6. Awesome Space Opera -- If anyone has recommendations on this, I'll definitely take them. I loved Asimov and Heinlein, but a lot of space opera I've read since then tends to be clunky, uncluttered (not a bad thing in and of itself, but I often find myself wanting deeper, more complex plots) or just poorly written. I really love great space opera, but I can't always find it.

5. Original High Fantasy -- We all know high fantasy relies heavily on tropes. In my mind, the tropes are one of the charms. But, not every high fantasy needs to be about dwarves looking for lost kin in mines, elves who just happen to live in mystical woods, etc. I'd like more truly original high fantasy or stuff that takes those tropes and really turns them on their heads.

4. Russian Historical Fiction -- Obviously I'm in the process of putting some of this out (see my upcoming book here) but this is an area of interest to me and I'd like to see more of it.

3. Medieval Historical Fiction -- The medieval period is my favorite historical period to read/write/learn about. I have more projects in mind for the future that will take place in this period, but I always like to read this stuff. 

2. A Song of Fire and Ice -- Yes, this is a specific series. With the trailer for season 4 of the HBO series now out (see it here), I'm finding myself missing these characters. George R.R. Martin really needs to get the books out sooner. I need me some John Snow, Arya Stark, and Daenarys Targaryen!

1. Dragons -- Yeah, I always need me more dragons. Unfortunately, the last couple of dragon books I've read, I've been rather disappointed in. I do have probably a dozen on my TBR list I haven't gotten to yet, so I'm sure there are more great ones out there to discover. Still, I'm always up for more! (I have a short dragon story. You can get it HERE or get it free by signing up for my mailing list using the form in the sidebar.)

So, what's on your reading wishlist?


  1. OOoh nice!! Yay for Dragons!! They would be cool to see! Julie Kagawa is going to have a new YA series out in October with dragons!!

    Here's my Tuesday post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

    1. Cool! I'll have to check it out. I need to read me some Julie Kagawa anyway. :D Thanks Jessica!

  2. Great idea that there should be more anti-heroes. I love reading books about villains instead of heroes because they give a new perspective on everything.
    Check out my TTT list:

  3. Blogger buddy Carrie-Anne writes Russian historicals.
    And I can answer the space opera one but I'll refrain...

    1. Lol. I'll look into Carrie-Anne's historicals. As well as the rest of a space opera series from an epic blogger who shall remain nameless. :D

  4. My list isn't very ... varied. LOL I mostly like fantasy, particularly fantasy that surprises me or has a twist, or really clever characters.

    Love space opera. My favorite is anything in the Star Wars universe of books, though Zahn's top the list (I love just about everything by Zahn, highly recommend him if you haven't read him).

    Also, the Star of the Guardians by Margaret Weis, very good space opera, probably one of my favorite series ever.

    Dragons would be on my list as well.

    Humorous fantasy (that isn't crude or crass, but truly witty humor) such as in Patricia C. Wrede's "The Enchanted Forest Chronicles" is also on my list. Not enough books like that out there.

    1. Thanks, Jenelle! I haven't heard of all of these, but I'll check them out. I've never really read any Star Wars books, though I've always been curious about them. Thanks for the recommendations! :D

    2. By the by, Zahn's other sci-fi is a little more "sci-fi" blended with "mystery" than pure space opera... but it's still really good.

      In the Star Wars books, definitely start with Timothy Zahn's "Heir to the Empire" and subsequent trilogy. And then I'd recommend "The Truce and Bakura" and "The Courtship of Princess Leia" - and from there you can read them in whatever order you wish (I find close to chronological (you can find the chronological outline in the front of most of the books) is good... but even though it's out of order, definitely read "Heir to the Empire" first!

      For Zahn's other sci-fi, I recommend starting with "The Icarus Hunt" it's my favorite, and a stand-alone (which, I'm sure you know, is quite rare for the sci-fi/fantasy genre).

    3. Typo: that should be "The Truce AT Bakura" LOL

  5. Antiheroes are tricky to do and most go too far on the side of bad.

  6. Fabulous list! I love multicultural historical fiction!