Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Dragon Reborn Read-Along, Week 4

1. So Thom is back! ...again! What do you think happened in Cairhien since we were there last?

It sounds like the political side of things are heating up. While on the river, Elayne and Egwene talk about the great houses all being at one another's throats, and the common people starving as a result, so obvious it's not a land at peace. Mat and Thom make an interesting pair. They're both the kind of guys that constantly claim they want to stay out of trouble and the lime light, but can't ever seem to avoid it. Of course Thom is a bit more level-headed than Mat (I think) but it's funny to me that Thom instantly packs up to tag along with Mat. Obviously we haven't seen the last of his role in the story either. :D

2. Perrin and the girls bring us some more info on the Aiel, turning them towards Tear in the process. What role do you think this elusive people will play?

Hard to say at this point, but Jordan never does anything without purpose. If they're Rand's biological people and looking for him (He Who Comes With the Dawn) then chances are they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. They're obviously great warriors, which will probably come in handy. ;D

3. Our newest character is Zarine Bashere, or Faile, or whatever. She fulfills half of Min's viewing. What do you make of this one?

She actually reminds me a lot of Perrin. She's obviously young and newly away from home. She doesn't carry as many burdens as Perrin does, but she's adventuresome and idealistic. And obviously street-smart between the way she handles those knives and how she figured out Moiraine was Aes Sedai when even most people who look her in the face don't. I also think it's hilarious that everyone figures out that she's crushing on Perrin...except him!

4. We get a rare bit of insight into the workings of the enemy when Perrin overhears a conversation between Lanfear and Ba'alzamon. Does it strike anyone that they could be more effective if they worked together a bit more? What do you think of the nature of Ba'alzaman?

This exchange made him less scary to me. He didn't strike Lanfear dead for mouthing off to him. In a way, it makes him seem more human, with more weaknesses. After all, if she can stand up to him, why not Rand. (Granted, it was Perrin who witnessed the exchange and he can't channel, but still...) As to his nature, he's obviously very high and mighty, as all his Forsaken are, but even that is a very human trait.

5. For a book named after him, Rand PoVs seem conspicuously rare. This time we see him slay a dozen people unprovoked. Madness setting in, or justified?

Maybe a little of both. He's extremely paranoid--and perhaps rightly so--but it's making him dangerous. He almost killed Perrin when he saw him in the dream. As for the woman and her bodyguards, I think he must have had reason to do that--had some way to know they were Darkfriends, perhaps?--and we just don't know what it is yet. I'm thinking he'll be heavily involved in this book's climax. Not that I would know or anything. ;P

There seems to be a connection between Egwene's T'A'R and Perrin's wolf dream. Do you think he is a dreamer, too? Can Egwene speak to wolves? Does Rand have anything there to do? Speculation is welcome.

Yes, in the sense that he can walk T'A'R like Egwene, but 'Dreamer' is an Aes Sedai term, and obviously Perrin can't channel. In a way, I think this speaks to the Tower's arrogance. They assume because some Aes Sedai could once Dream, that it must have something to do with the Power. Apparently it doesn't. Perrin's wolf abilities are quite rare, but it seems everyone who has them can walk the dream. So, perhaps Dreaming is a rare ability among all people, and some just happened to be Aes Sedai once upon a time. I don't know what Rand's role in T'A'R is, but if he's the Dragon Reborn, it's just fitting that he can walk there in his dreams. If the Forsaken hang out there, someone may eventually have to do battle with them on that ground, er--you know, whatever it is. 


Yeah I still love Nynaeve. I love when she makes herself mad so she can channel. I love that the Maidens of the Spear says she sounds like a Wise One after she snaps at them. I love that our three ladies torched the three smug Myrdraal and earned the Aiel's respect. I was grinning through this entire section.

How did everyone else like these chapters?

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  1. Poor Perrin - he has a lady and he doesn't even know it. I wonder if Zarine will get fed up with his inability to take a hint and walk.

    I totally agree with you on the arrogant Aes Sedai - not all abilities come from the One Power. Hence, Dreaming isn't limited to Aes Sedai. I wonder what else isn't limited? Hmmm.....

    Our three ladies kicked some Myrrdrall tush....and I loved every minute of it too.