Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Great Hunt Read-Along, Final Week
1. Wow! Those a'dam are real mood changers (i.e. Nynaeve's reaction to having all that control over another). Would you be tempted to put any of the characters we have met so far in The Wheel of Time world in an a'dam? Anyone in real life?

Hmm...well the bad guys come to mind. Liandrin. Padan Fain, though that might feel twisted.  Maybe one of the Forsaken our characters have crossed paths with? In real life, there's no one I know I'd wish that on. (I don't know many evil people.) Maybe a few real-life evil dictators, just to force them to change their ways?
2. Perrin still hasn't revealed the full extent of his wolfish powers to his friends. Do you think
he's making the right choice? Would you do the same?

I don't think it makes a whole lot of difference. Everyone's bound to find out sometime. Even if he was shouting it from the rooftops, everyone's too preoccupied with their own little disasters to notice. Hopefully by the time he tells everyone, they'll be open-minded because of all the other, weirder stuff they've seen.
3. We finally learn what has been driving Ingtar to find the Horn. Do you think his final act makes restitution for whatever ills he did as a Dark Friend?

I think it does. I suppose it depends on what he's done. If he's killed tons and tons of people, it might not, but he did save a life by giving him, which is pretty awesome redemption.
4. The Horn was sounded and warriors of old appeared and did mighty battle. How did you like the final large battle scene with Seachan, Whitecloaks, Dead Heroes, and Egwene (running amok)? 

I totally loved it! I thought it was great! All kinds of stuff going on, but it wasn't at all confusing to me. I could totally see it all! I loved that Mat and Perrin ran into battle with him. It was kind of symbolic of them finally accepting who/what he is. I liked that Artur Hawkwing, who we've heard so much about, was there, and that he called Rand Lews Therin. Even though he was kind of evil, I thought it was kind of sad that Bornhald died. Definitely a run away thread with Byar riding away though. Just loved the whole ending of this!

5. We get to see Rand in 2 sword fights - one with Turak and one with The Dark One. Which one did you find more satisfying or entertaining? 

Honestly, probably Turak. Only because he was so arrogant and we've seen his pretension before. It was longer and more intense. Not that the fight with the Dark One was bad. I really liked the way Jordan incorporated the sword form Lan taught him at the beginning. Really liked them both overall.
6. Lanfear chose to reveal her existence to Min, and gave her a message for Rand. Why do you think Min was the lucky one? 

I don't know if it had much to do with Min. I think even the Forsaken saw what happened over Falme and Lanfear just wanted to see Rand. She would have sensed that Min was no threat to her and so didn't mind revealing herself. It shows that she's no different than any of the Forsaken we've encountered--arrogant to a fault.
As always, feel free to include anything else that caught your attention. 

I love the prophecies at the beginning and end. Reading them the first time through, I developed a habit of reading the prophecies at beginning and end before starting the book. They're just so cool! So well-written! And the one at the end of book 2 is used for cover blurbs for later books, so it's kind of a classic. ;D

How did everyone else like the ending?


  1. That book conjured images in my mind that are beyond grand. I thoroughly loved this book--especially the final chapters.

    1. I found them very cinematic and dramatic, although I can't imagine an adaptation ever doing this series justice.

  2. Ah yes, I am definitely noticing a lot of arrogance from the Forsaken. Will we get subtle, sneaky Forsaken some time, or are they all too arrogant and over confident to really pull that off?

    Very true about Perrin and how everyone else is in the middle of their own little crises right now - no one would pay attention to his wolfish confessions even if he did make them. Which is probably why it has gone mostly unnoticed up to this point.

    1. Somehow I think Lanfear is bad, even for a Forsaken, but I could just be biased because she is beautiful and powerful . . . :D

  3. 1. I'm not sure that I would want to get close enough to Fain to use an a'dam . . . especially now that we know that he is some bizarre Mordreth-enriched hybrid psycho.

    2. I suppose their preoccupation with other stuff could explain why nobody has asked him about it directly already. I always feel sorry for Perrin because he is such a decent bloke, but the others almost ignore him all the time.

    3. I didn't get the impression that he had done too many overt acts of treachery because he only mentions letting the assassin into the keep. From the Prologue, it seems like many of the Darkfriends spend years doing very little actual 'evil' but tiny things that they don't understand. I guess that we will never know how much he did and needed to atone for.

    4. I agree with you about Mat and Perrin: I loved their instinctive and unconditional support for Rand. The heroes were so natural, relaxed and friendly, which is not what I had expected. I liked the banter that they were flinging about: it showed their comfort with both each other and their own destinies. I hope that they will give Rand a different perspective on Lews from the one he has been given by the Dark One.

    6. I am dying to see one of the girls give Lanfear a good slapping: she totally deserves it! :D