Thursday, April 11, 2013

A to Z Challenge + The Great Hunt Book Review


Welcome to the A to Z Challenge! This is my first year participating. Basically, we post every day except Sunday, which in April means we'll finish on the 30th. We blog about something each day which starts with the corresponding letter of the alphabet. So, day 1=A, day 2=B, etc. Visit the A to Z blog for more details.

My theme is writing and related bookish things. A pretty vague theme, I'll admit, but as this is a writing/bookish blog, I thought I'd clarify. 

Today's letter: J 

J is for Justice.

Justice is always something to be considered in writing. It's something your readers are looking for, whether they know it or not. See, things always go wrong in stories. (There's a term for that. Maybe you've heard it: Con-flict.) And Justice is a form of conflict resolution.

When something goes wrong, people want to see it righted. That's justice. When your villain does something evil, people want to see him/her get their comeuppance. That's justice. When something mysterious happens that has a negative impact on a lot of people, your readers want to see the mystery solved and the people get some kind of closure. That's justice.

So, consider what kind of justice--classic? ironic? poetic?--would make your story the most satisfying and go after it!

Also, when world-building, consider crime and justice in your society. It's an important part of any culture's identity.

How about you? Any tips or thought on how to use justice in writing?

The Great Hunt Book Review
So of course I've read The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan before, but I'm participating in a Wheel of Time Read-Along, which is going through the books very slowly, which is nice. This is the first time I've read this book cover to cover since the first time I picked it up more than ten years ago.

It was surprising to me what I'd forgotten, but also how much I remembered. Most of the major story lines I remembered in detail, though many of the in-between details I"d forgotten.

The next installment in the saga of Rand al'Thor and his quest to figure out who he is and what his destiny will be. There was some talk at the beginning about how the structure was very similar to the structure of book 1. I think that's understandable given that it's only the second book of such an epic series.

I freakin' LOVE the end of this book! It was SOOO epic! There are some people who think the endings of the first two books are too nebulous, but I think the argument can be made that just as things become more clear to us as we come to understand them more, perhaps things are nebulous in these first two books because even Rand doesn't fully understand what's happening to him. (Either that or Jordan didn't either so this is how he wrote it. :D) Either way, I think it works.

I wouldn't recommend this book unless you've read book 1, but of course I would recommend this series to ANYONE! It has great characters, great plots, great story-telling, a great writing style...need I go on? Just fabulous all the way around.

Looking for a great story to bury yourself in? Wheel of Time is the one for you! :D

Anyone else love the ending of this book?


  1. I'm currently about 3/4 of the way through A Memory of Light and it is SOOOOOOOO good. (Almost makes up for the disappointment that was Winter's Heart). :)

  2. I read the first few books and then gave up when there was no ending in sight. Now that it has an ending, I might go back to them.

  3. My son loves Robert Jordan.

    Dropping by from A to Z. This is my first year participating.

    Brett Minor
    Transformed Nonconformist