Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Great Hunt Read Along Week 4

Welcome to week 4 of The Great Hunt Read Along, hosted by Anya of On Starships and Dragonwings and Nrlymrtl of Dab of Darkness.

1. Rand had quite a connection with that statue that Captain Caldevwin was digging up. What do you think it is?

I kind of know what that was all about, so I won't give details but I think it's significant that the void, the Source, and the statue all seemed to vibrate on the same frequency. What similar things have we seen so far? Something small, perhaps that Moiraine carries in her belt pouch? Just sayin'. :D

2. We had quite an informative look into Moraine and Lan's relationship. What do you think about Moraine's actions concerning Lan's bond?
Loved this part. I remember laughing when I read it the first time and thinking, of course that's how they met! While I totally get why Moiraine's actions are unethical, I love Lan too much to want him to die if anything happens to her, so I'm kind of okay with it, but only strictly as it relates to a character I love. Of course we're all hoping somehow he can bypass this Myrelle chick and go straight to Nynaeve, aren't we?
3. Poor Nynaeve had to go through quite a lot in her trials. What do you think each were about (especially that first one....)?
I thought these were well done. They started with something common and physical that every woman worries about at some point in her life: the threat of rape. As the trials escalated, they dealt with deeper, more life-changing, emotional issues. First, with her life's work and the people she felt responsible for in Emond's Field. Then the deepest emotions in her: her budding feelings for Lan and the desire for a life with him, though she's probably never even admitted them to herself.
4. Reunion time! How do you feel about all these old faces showing up all over the place?

Yea! Thom's alive! Did anyone really think he was dead? Love him. Loved how he and Rand fell into conversation like they'd never been apart. Just a few things to think about: he was disappointed that Moiraine wasn't with Rand. He suspected Rand might be able to channel, but helped and was friend to him anyway. He gave him back the flute--one of his most prized possessions. Yeah, Thom's cool.

5. Selene sure showed up at a convenient time didn't she? What do you think she is plotting?
Yeah, WAY too convenient. I already who she is--ah, I mean, what she's planning *does evil laugh* but obviously she has an agenda, and the fact that she tells Rand how ticked off she is that he doesn't do what she expects and then appears/disappears in a puff of smoke should be major red flags for everyone involved.
Other tidbits: 
Loved, loved, LOVED the image of Loial wrapping his 'sausage-like' fingers around a trolloc's throat and flinging him against the wall. Kind of felt bad that Loial was disturbed by having to kill the thing, but this isn't the last we've seen of Ogier fighting skills and it's always so stinkin' awesome!

Also, we'll see Aludra, the Illuminator again. She's another character I didn't remember had any mention so early in the series. Gotta love Jordan's planning skills! :D

What did everyone else think of the section?


  1. I was so glad to see Thom....but then his response to Rand seemed luke-warm at best. So I like that you bring up several questions, because I have been wondering about some of his motives since Rand bumped into him again. Tho Thom does ruminate on his own past and some baggage he is carrying around that he doesn't want his current lovely lady entangled that might be it, but I am not convinced yet.

    Loial rocks. He is sad over the need to kill, but didn't hesitate in the moment. Self-preservation mode is on and functional.

    1. Loial is terrific isn't he? He is one of my favorite characters in this series, and not just because he is a bibliophile! :D

  2. I thought it was funny that Thom decided pretty quickly that Rand wasn't the one to channel when Moraine wasn't with him, even though we know that Moraine is still manipulating him, haha

    Poor Loial, I sort of wanted him to remain all innocent of killing for a while longer, especially since he was so bothered by it :(

    Anya @ On Starships and Dragonwings

  3. 1. I have to asume that this object is tuned to saidin and is very powerful for it to have this effect on Rand.

    2. Although passing his bond to Nynaeve seems like an easy solution to their 'problem' I am not at all sure that Lan will appreciate Moiraine messing with his life like that - he is so pigheaded.

    4. I was also surprised that Thom was disappointed about Moiraine being absent. I am not sure if he wants to consult with her about something or just wants her to keep an eye on the lads.

    I also felt very sorry for Loial when he had to kill that trolloc. He reminds me so much of Tolkien's ents, but with books! :D