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The Great Hunt Read-Along Week 2

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The Great Hunt Read-Along, Week 2

1. What do you think of the potential dark prophecy the Halfman wrote on the wall? Do you think it is a prophecy or a taunt?

Way creepy poem, but very interesting! It's probably a bit of both. Moiraine mentions that Dark Prophecies have a way of being fulfilled the same as good ones, but I don't imagine it will happen in quite the way it sounds. It sounds all dooms-day, but many of things will probably come true, but not spell the end of humanity. It's very interesting to read this, having already read the series and knowing what most of the allusions refer to. Very fascinating. Yet more evidence of how well Jordan thought out the story, even at the beginning.
2. We finally got to find out more of Rand's birth and Tam's history. Did it meet your predictions/expectations? What did you think?

I think it was as expected--just a filling in of the most likely details from what we already know. It definitely left me wanting more, though. Tam's story sounds worthy of it's own book! (Incidentally, before he passed away, Robert Jordan talked about doing more prequels. He did one called New Spring which is about Lan and Moiraine meeting, but Jordan had planned to do a prequel about Tam in the Aiel War. I wish he could have written that. It would have been awesome! :D)
3. Oo lala, Lan gave Nynaeve a ring! How are you liking the development of this romance?

LOOOOVE it! I love the whole mashiara idea. It's the kind of thing that might come off as over-the-top, but Jordan does it so well that it seems more tragic than cheesy. I love that Nynaeve totally checks Lan out while he's not looking, then turns to go and he catches her. So classic! I always look forward to the Nynaeve/Lan chapters. ;D Not that I need to read them again. They're the ones I read and re-read and swoon over. 

4. Rand kept feeling a pair of eyes on him and given that someone shot an arrow in his vicinity, it might not be unfounded paranoia. Who/what do you think is watching him?

Even having read it before, I don't remember what this ends up being, or if we're ever given a positive identity of the shooter. I think the most likely answer is that there are still Darkfriends (maybe even Black Ajah--I'm talking to YOU Liandrin) within the walls and they're doing the Dark One's bidding.

5. Poor Domon! What do you think of the trouble he has gotten himself into with the heartstone? Are you happy that it seems Domon will be integrated back into the story?
Yeah, I love Domon. All about the Spray over here. I think his trouble is very interesting. I don't think it has anything to do with him personally, and you have to wonder how anyone even knows he has the heartstone. Maybe it sends out a vibe of its own? I didn't remember this part and while reading it, I questioned his decision to read the letter. I know he had a way to unseal it without being obvious, but I was thinking that if they had some way to tell it had been tampered with, he wouldn't be paid. Boy was I glad he didn't share my line of thinking! Haven't seen a letter than chilling since Hamlet discovered Rosencrantz and Guildenstern's treachery. Good stuff!

6. What did you think of Mat and Perrin's reaction to Rand telling them about his channeling? Anyone else feel like they need a pamphlet in supporting your friend through difficult times?

Yeah they definitely could have been more supportive, but I also think we have to remember that each of these boys is dealing with some heavy stuff right now. Jordan does a great job of showing what Perrin is thinking about (his wolf stuff) through what he says. Matt isn't so transparent, but there's no telling what subtle effect the dagger might still be having on him. I do wish they'd been a little kinder to Rand about it, but at least they finally understand why he was so mean to them at Fal Dara, and at least they didn't run away screaming or turn him over to Ingtar with the truth. That's something, at least.
Looking forward to seeing what you think of this section! I have to admit that I got the shivers during those abandoned town scenes *hides under a blanket* scary stuff! 

Yeah the Fade nailed to the door through his eye sockets was definitely disturbing. And the description of Fain (coincidence that his name's close to Fade? I think not) havng the trollocs kill those darkfriends was gross. They totally deserved it, but still. Overall, I really liked this section, we moved away from Fal Dara and deeper into Jordan's world, learning more history and seeing more of the land. I'm liking Hurin, the Sniffer *giggles* and still loving Loial. I'm also totally crushing on all the Borderlanders. Masema may be nasty--he's one to watch--but I think Uno is hysterical (love his cuss words) and all of them are just so macho, but in an honorable, lovable way. Totally want to live in the Borderlands over here. :D

Oh, and I loved the whole 'women's apartments' thing. I think society as a whole should adopt that custom. Just sayin.'


  1. That's interesting to learn that Jordan had tentatively planned a Tam prequel. Perhaps int he future, such a thing will be allowed by a special author - tho I think Sanderson has said multiple times he is done with WoT as he doesn't want to play on Jordan's name.

    We almost started this read along with New Spring, but my man, who has read the first 6 or 7 books + New Spring warned us that starting with it would spoil so many things for the first half of the series. So, we'll work it into the read along some day.

  2. 1. I have a horrible suspicion that I will need to reread the whole series to pick up on all the cool references that I missed this time through . . .

    2. There are so many people and places that we have met so far could be the center of their own books, and we've only just started book 2! :O

    4. Liandrin is so EVIL that she should really have horns and a pointy tale!

    5. It does leave me wondering why they have constructed such an elaborate plan though . . . why not just kill him and search the Spray to destruction?

    6. I think that their friendships are too strong to be broken because of this, but it will take them some time to accept what he is.

  3. Oo New Spring is about Lan and Moraine eh? Perhaps it will fill in the blanks in the romance for me :D

    Also so happy Domon read the letter, since I was also thinking maybe he should just leave it, man I would never survive in an era of literal backstabbing!

    Hehe, I also think the women's apartments is a fun concept, especially the whole "what they say goes" part :D