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The Great Hunt Read Along, Week 2 + Blog Tour Stops

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The Great Hunt Read-Along, Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of our read-along, hosted by Anya of On Starships and Dragonwings and Nrlymrtl of Dab of Darkness! The Great Hunt is Book 2 of the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan.

1) What do you make of Nynaeve's initial training with Verin? Is she being too stubborn? Do you think the Aes Sedai are messing with her a little?

I think the training is real, as is how much Nynaeve's anger limits her, but I do think the Aes Sedai take a little too much delight in pissing her off. Given her temper, which borders on the ridiculous sometimes (Rand mentioned she once broke a broom over the shoulders of a guy telling the great hunt for the horn) I don't promise I'd take the high road with her either. :D

2) Ooops! Is Rand channeling even in his sleep? Or do you think some other power pulled him, Loial, & Hurin into that alternate plane of existence? 

No I think he's definitely channeling in his sleep. An ability like that is part of him and it's obviously hard for him not to embrace it while awake. When he goes to sleep and his conscious mind becomes slack? Forget about it! Totally awesome plane of existence, though!

3) Perrin is taking a calculated risk in sharing part of his wolfish gift with Ingtar. How do you think that will turn out? 

Ingtar seems discrete enough, but the more people he tells, the closer he'll be to having to come out of the wolf-closet. Besides, when Rand and Loial come back, they'll know he's not really a Sniffer. Someone will figure it out sooner or later, especially coupled with the yellow eyes. 

4) Who and what do you think Selene is and from where does she draw her power? What is her hunger for the Horn? If you already know, feel free to critique her choice in clothing. 

I totally remember who this chick is so I won't spoil. I thought it was hysterical to read this whole part again. Rand is so young. It's so obvious that she's manipulating him. And when he has, shall we say, impure thoughts about her--which is obviously what she's going for--he actually screams! "Ahh! That is, Ah, I understand, my lady..."

5) Hehe! What was your favorite part of the first meeting between the Amrylin and Nynaeve & Egwene?

Definitely when Nynaeve threw her against the wall. Nynaeve's anger does hold her back in many ways, but it was nice when she shut up the Amyrlin's smug taunts for a minute. I also think poor Egwene's fear was funny. She's loyal to Nynaeve, but also intimidated by her. She's terrified of the Amyrlin, though. I loved when she was trying to think of a way to sneak out of the room without Nynaeve seeing. :D6) Wow! I did not expect Rand to go for the Horn and Mat's dagger. What do you think finally pushed him over into doing so?

I think it was at least partly Selene putting ideas into his head. Without her push, he might not have thought to do it at all. Yet, I think it was also circumstance. He saw an opportunity to get it, and took it. It was kind of refreshing to see. Especially because he genuinely cares more about the dagger for Mat than the horn. Granted, he has some thoughts of it, but what person wouldn't? I think it's funny that Selene (who obviously has ulterior motives) keeps getting frustrated because she can't temp Rand with superficial motivations. Take THAT, Dark One!

Extra Tidbits:

Totally loving the dynamic between Rand, Hurin, and Loial. I always love Loial's reactions to things, but it's interesting that Hurin is only comfortable with a Lord in charge that he believes has things well in hand. Rand is constantly second-guessing himself, but he does a pretty good job being in charge, all things considered. 

I also enjoyed our first glimpse of Tar Valon, and our first sight of Dragonmount since it was created in the Prologue. Pretty cool stuff! ;D

What does everyone else think?


  1. Haha, I agree that it's awesome that Rand keeps resisting Selene through his good ol' fashioned goodness ;-) I was really surprised that they got the Horn and dagger back so easily (at least in terms of writing), but it was good to finally see someone doing something productive, haha!

    Anya @ On Starships and Dragonwings

    1. Throughout the raid to get the Horn I was convinced that it was a trap and that Fain would jump up and seize them, so I was surprised when that didn't happen.

  2. The dynamic between Rand and Selene was quite amusing. I am listening to the book and the reader puts in all the 'ahs', and the frustrated sounds.

    I too am excited about the first glimpse of Tar valon, since we have heard so much about it. Definitely exciting to see how things will go in the next section - will Nynaeve end up scrubbing floors after all?

    1. I can only imagine how angry Nynaeve would be scrubbing floors and playing servant to the sisters! :D

  3. 1. I guess it probably depends on the individual Aes Sedai. I can imagine some being amused by her personality and how much she has to learn, but others would be more concerned about simply teaching her.

    3. True, but I think it is a brave step to expose himself to danger for the greater good. Also, I don't think Rand or Loial will betray him knowingly.

    4. He really needs a good cold shower to focus his thoughts! :D

    5. In some ways it is scary to see how powerful Nynaeve is even without training: we are told that Siuan is one of the most powerful living Aes Sedai. At least she didn't take her anger out on Egwene, which I think is evidence that she is learning some control.

    Loial is totally adorable and possibly my favorite character int he series, though I do have a very soft spot for Perrin as well. I also enjoyed the Hurin-Rand dynamic and it was a nice way to place Rand into a position of command whilst making it low-key. I guess that Hurin has always worked within a hierarchy with someone else making all the decisions, so that is when he feels most comfortable. It also echoes what Ingtar told Rand about the importance of everyone knowing their position in the chain of command. I can't claim to understand that way of thinking, but I can see how it helps to remove unnecessary worry from the majority of the men's minds.