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Eye of the World Read Along Week 5

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Welcome to week 5 of The Eye of the World Read Along, hosted by Anya of On Starships and Dragonwings and Nrlymrtl of Dab of Darkness. These questions are for chapters 28-33. They were pretty intense!
1) Perrin, Egwene, Elyas, and Bela had quite the intense ride. What did you think about the ravens and what dark magic could motivate birds, even carrion birds, into such behavior? 

They were freakin' creepy! Right out of a Hitchcock movie. I think it's an interesting idea that the Dark One uses animals that feed on death for his minions. Hummingbirds just wouldn't have the same creep factor, you know?

2) In Chapter 29, we hear part of the legend of Artur Hawkwing. How do you like Robert Jordan's nod to such an ancient legend and his use of it and other mythologies in building his world? 

I love it! I think it's great. It ties his world's mythology to our own in a way, and makes his world more three-dimensional. While Perrin was a little freaked out by it, I'm with Egwene (all kinds of cool). And--no worries--we'll definitely be hearing more about this legend. :D

3) Do you think Lord Captain Bornhald and Child Byar capture the two ends of the spectrum for the men who make up The Children of the Light? 

That's an interesting way to put it. At first, my answer was going to be no. (Because I've read this before) I know there are some men in the Whitecloak regime that are very decent, just misguided. Then I realized that's exactly how you could describe Geofram Bornhald. While Byar seems a bit sociopathic, Perrin describes Bornhad as "grandfatherly." Misguided or not, that makes him scarier because he seems level-headed and maybe even sweet, but then he starts spouting Whitecloak doctrine with that same sympathetic look all the while. *shivers*

4) Mat and Rand have a little fight over whether to sell Mat's dagger, as they are running out of food. How do you like the solution they came up with? 

It would have been a great solution...for anyone in the world except them. Why not get a free meal and room each night if you have gleeman skills? But they were also trying not to draw attention to themselves. It was probably the worst thing they could have done in that light. ;D Gotta love the brain power of teenaged boys!

5) At Four Kings, Mat and Rand play for food and bed at a dive of an inn run by Saml Hake. During the course of the night, Rand spots a man, who turns out to be a Dark Friend, Howal Gode. And this naughty Dark Friend disturbs their sleep in a locked room. What do you think happened there?

A bolt of lightening "suddenly" striking and saving the boys' bacon would be a bit too convenient. I totally know what happened so let's just say Robert Jordan is a much better writer than that and leave it there. It will be explained later, but it wasn't a coincidence or miracle. Hope everyone picked up on that! :D

Misc. Stuff: Totally love the never-trust-a-skinny-innkeeper bit! So great! Can't wait to get to the next section. All kinds of awesome stuff happens to our boys in Caemlyn! Yea!

How's everyone else liking it?


  1. Oh! Hummingbirds! They have those long, long beaks, and so very quick! Dude, i think you just gave me nightmares for the next week.

    Yeah, Bornhald does give me the shivers. He comes off as so reasonable, and truly concerned for my spiritual well-being. But that concern also allows for torture. Sigh....misguided, indeed.

  2. Haha, hummingbirds, I'm now imagining evil hummingbirds!

    And yes, definitely noticed that Rand did some magic there ;-) Little bit worried about what that means for his future, but I suppose we'll deal with that soon enough!

  3. 1. "Beware of the attack hummingbirds!" might not seem all that scary, but they are angry, fighty little birds . . . just imagine if they were bigger!!

    2. I love the depth that we feel because of all the history and mythology that we touch on from time to time. It must take a long time to work out, as an author, but the rewards for the reader are immense.

    3. I agree with you: I'd rather confront someone who is foaming at the mouth and openly hostile than someone who seems nice and then quietly tells me that it a great shame but he is going to have to tear out my finger nails . . .

    4. Although it is not the smartest move, I am not quite sure what else they could have done to avoid starvation or pneumonia . . . but, I agree that they were not very circumspect.

    5. It totally WAS a pure coincidence! :D