Sunday, January 6, 2013

Eye of the World Read-Along Week 3

1) In this section of the reading, we learn that Perrin and Mat are also having wicked dreams. Add to that, Min's visions for each of those in the small party. Prophesy, portents and dreams are playing a bigger and bigger role in this epic tale. Are you enjoying this plot device? 

Yes, I like it a lot. I think it makes things more intriguing. Jordan is great at using this kind of device as foreshadowing, yet doesn't tell us exactly what any of it means. It makes us want to know what happens next that much more.

2) The Whitecloaks (AKA Children of the Light) make their first real appearance in the tale and of course, Mat has to play one of his tricks. Funny? Dangerous? What did you think of Rand's reaction? 

I thought it was funny in that it was an of-course-that's-what-happened sort of thing. It would be scary to be in their shoes, though. The Whitecloaks strike me as the worst kind of religious zealots. Like Grand Inquisitors, witch hunters, and corrupt clergymen all rolled into one. Word of advice: don't piss them off!

3) Nynaeve found them! What do you think Moiraine and Nynaeve said to each other behind that closed door at the inn? 

Nynaeve gave Rand somewhat of an account of what was said, and I doubt it was too much more than that (not that I wouldn't have wanted to be a fly on the wall). Can I just say, I LOVE Nynaeve! I was so excited for her to catch up with the group. (Again, I've read this before.) For most people, Nynaeve isn't their favorite character, and don't get me wrong: I completely understand why. She's kind of mean, self-centered, sexist, has a temper like a volcano, etc. But she's my favorite character in this series. 1) All her negative qualities make for great comic relief. 2) She's got a good heart and is by far one of the bravest female characters I've ever come across. I freakin' LOVE her! :D Okay, done being a fan girl, now.

Shadar Logoth:

4) The party has to do a swift exit from the inn because of the Fade Rand saw during his milk run. How do you think they were found? 

Hard to say for sure, but if the evil powers-that-be are actively looking for the boys, it was really only a matter of time. If there were spies in Baerlon, they might have seen the boys on the street (doesn't help that they caused a seen with the Whitecloaks) and reported to their superiors.

5) Moiraine burns a lot of power in these chapters: appears to become a giantess to step over the city wall; a wall of flame to hold off the Trollocs; laying a false trail; setting wards in the spooky city. Do you think this shows the limits of her powers, or has she got more to give? 

I think it's a little of both. I think she could give more, but it might kill her. Obviously she went so far that it exhausted her, so she probably doesn't have too much more, but some. Also, she can do so many different things that, limit to her power or no, there's probably lots she can do that we haven't seen yet.

6) A lot happens at Shadar Logoth, where the party hopes to hide from the Trollocs and Myrddral. What do you think Mordeth is? And the misty Mashadar? As Lan contemplates, the Myrdral must drive the Trollocs into the city to search for them, but what is driving the Myrddral? 

I like that Jordan tells us the history of Mordeth, but is still unclear about what he is. He's an ancient evil that no one fully understands, and that makes him creepier. I love the evilness of Mashadar. Imagine running from an intelligent fog that kills with touch! So much suspense! Awesome!

7) This section certainly leaves us on a cliff-hanger with the party separated. Worried? Perrin and Egwene found each other, but then galloped headlong into the river. Mat, Rand, and Thom made it onto a boat, The Spray, captained by Domon. Now Captain Domon makes a comment about the Trollocs following him; why do you think that is?

Again, I sort of know what happens later, but I think I would be worried in their situation. It's freaky leaving people behind and not being sure when or if you'll meet up again. It would be bad enough to miss a rendezvous, but in this case they don't know that their friends aren't trolloc chow. (I love Perrin's thought in Chapter 20: Light, don't think about being in a cookpot!) As for Bayle Domon (love him, btw) I'm not sure why he thinks trollocs are following him, other than that he wintered in the Borderlands (as he explained) and perhaps with everything that's happening (the advent of some major event that sent trollocs and Fades to the Two Rivers) more and more of the monsters are flowing down from the Borderlands, and Domon just can't seem to escape them.

Still loving reading this again! Can't wait to read more! How is everyone else liking it?


  1. I am also becoming quite fond of Nynaeve. She has a quick tongue and I can see her strong personality going head to head with Moiraine, two women I am learning to respect in this series.

    I look forward to seeing how Jordan brings the group back together again. I can't imagine him killing off the major characters yet. Even tho I read this book like....15ish years ago, I realize now that I have forgotten nearly all of it!

  2. Haha, I'm still in the Nynaeve annoyed group I have to admit, I think it's just because she wouldn't like me if we ever met though ;-) I would totally get bopped on the head the first time I opened my mouth xD

    I totally agree that Shadar Logoth was awesomely creepy! I sort of wish that they could come back to it or had to stay longer (sadistic, I know, ahah) just so we could find out more about it :D

    Great thoughts! Thanks for reading along!!

  3. Nynaeve is hilariously angry at all times: like she has permanent PMS! I actually quite like her because I had a temper when I was younger: much like a hand grenade with no pin in it, according to my long-suffering husband! I love the way the artwork you chose has her scowling . . . I imagine that she looks like this much of the time . . . and is developing some really unflattering wrinkles! :D

    It is great to read a book with real bite and danger. It is such a long time since I read some of these books that I had forgotten how quickly Mr Jordan throws them into real peril. Like nrlymrtl, I can't remember how they all get back together again (it's my age, you know), but I know that they all survive, so I'm not too panic stricken, just eager to read on . . . perhaps we should read more each week!