Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Eye of the World Read Along--Week 2

Hosted by Anya at On Starships and Dragonwings

1. The stories of Moraine and her sisters don't seem to always match up with who she is, but other times they do (the whirlpool). How do you think these two versions of Moraine compare?

I think she is hiding a lot. The most telling thing was when she told the boys she'd destroy them all herself before letting the Fade have them. I think her intentions are good, but she definitely has an agenda that comes first.

2. Rand has now had two dreams that seem to be more than dreams. What do you think they mean?

It sounds to me like someone or something else is in his head, trying to make him believe certain things or act in certain ways. I don't think he should take/trust the dreams at face value.

3. There are two other boys that could be significant to the Trollocs, but Moraine seems to be paying special attention to Rand. How do you think all of them are involved? Also why do you think all of this is happening now all of a sudden, instead of when the boys were younger?
They are almost grown. It could be some manifestation of manhood that triggered the events. Also, I'm not sure Moiraine is paying special attention to Rand. He thinks so, but we're getting this from his POV and he's a nervous kid, away from home for the first time. Who's to say Mat and Perrin don't think she's paying special attention to them as well? :D

4. Thom has hinted at an interesting past and reacted to Moraine's presence when she first appeared. What do you think of this mysterious gleeman?

I think he's more than he appears to be. I think he knows a lot more about Moiraine and the world than he's letting on. I also think it's significant that Lan doesn't trust him. He'll be an interesting one to watch as the story progresses.

5. We've been learning more about the Aes Sedai, but also about the lack of male counterparts. What do you think of this? Is it somehow related to the prologue?
Uh, yeah. Definitely related. Also significant that the man in Rand's dream that called himself The Dark One said he was present during the events described in the Prologue.

6. Lan noticed Rand's sword and commented on how Rand's father taught him to concentrate. How do you think these coincidences are related?

Mostly it shows that Tam, once again, has been places and done things he never let on to Rand. Lan was teaching a professional battle technique, and Rand already knew it because his father (the so-called farmer) had already taught it to him. Lan's weighing, calculating stares are always mysterious, yet telling.

I like the maps-as-you-go thing. Jordan does this often and I think it helps envision the land/city they're in to have the maps. I'm personally a fan of that technique. :D

Great chapters! Can't wait for what comes next! :D


  1. I love how Jordan has built in back-stories for the older characters, of which we only see these small hints. Like Tam and his Flame & Void, Lan with his weighing stares, Thom with his tales and knives, Moraine is just all sorts of mysterious.

  2. Great points! It would be hilarious to find out that all of the guys had been convinced they were the special one and Moraine just rolls her eyes and mutters "Men" haha ;-)

  3. Doh! I like your point about Rand assuming that he is getting extra attention . . . note to self: pay more attention to who is the narrator! :D