Monday, July 16, 2012

Help! I Need Opinions

Hi Everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend! There was a massive, beautiful firework display at Weber State last night. Because Utah does fireworks for both the 4th and the 24th of July (Pioneer Day, a Utah-only holiday) Ogden does their big display between the two holidays every year. It was awesome! I've attached some pictures below!

Now, to the business at hand. I've just finish the first draft of the second book in my dystopian series. I'm struggling with the title for book 2 and was hoping to get the community's opinion. After all, who better to help with this than an absitively, posolutely fantastic community of writers and book bloggers? (Yes, I'm kinda trying to butter you up! But that doesn't mean I'm wrong. Right? Of course right!)

Those who follow this blog probably know how I'm handling the titles, but for those who don't, here's a recap: The series is called Interchron, which is the name of the main compound the story is set in and around. I've decided to title each book after a scientific phenomenon that the characters in the story encounter. They encounter and deal with the phenomenon in a physical way, but it also affects them emotionally and on a personal level.

For example, book 1 (see cover above) is called Persistence of Vision. Persistence of Vision is a real scientific phenomenon that describes seeing something when it is no longer there. It's like looking at the sun, then shutting your eyes. A (usually purple) sun image is still visible for several seconds, right? What you see is called an after image. The phenomenon of seeing it is called Persistence of Vision. In my story, the characters encounter this with a memory problem. Even though my MC's memories are completely erased, she still sees flashes of them. Of courser this affects her quite traumatically because she can't remember what the flashes pertain to. Some of them are disturbing, others just very emotional, but she can't remember why, and feels like she's lost part of herself.

Anyway, for book 2, I've worked another true scientific phenomenon in the story. When physicists tangle up two particles in a specific way (I won't go into the details because it has to do with quantum mechanics and particle physics and those are WAY beyond the scope of this blog and it's writer!) they find that the two particles become irrevocably connected. When something happens to one of the particles, it happens to the other. When one reacts a certain way to an outside force, the other does too. Space and time have no effect on this phenomenon. The "sameness" of the two particles happens instantaneously. This is baffling to today's physicists because if the two particles are communicating with each other in some way we don't have the technology to measure, yet, it would mean that they are transmitting information between themselves faster than the speed of light, which, according to our good buddy Einstein, is against the nature of the universe.

So, long story short: it's weird. No one can explain this phenomenon, but it does exist in our galaxy. In Book 2 of my series, my characters experience this. Their lives are so entangled that the MC and her male counterpart begin to sense one another's emotions and physical sensations. In fact, they inadvertently end up in the same place, just by virtue of their "entanglement." And yes, this male counterpart also happens to be the love interest, which complicates things deliciously. (Bet you didn't guess that, did you? I'll give you a moment to recover from the shock...okay, moment's over!)

Okay, sorry for long post but here's the dilemma: the name of this phenomenon is Quantum Entanglement. That's what I'm thinking of calling Book 2 of the series. Yet, it's kind of a strange name and very scientific. So what do you all think? Too pretentious for a title, or is it a good one?

Only honest opinions, please. ;D
Fireworks Above
Harrison Blvd.

Fireworks in Ogden, Utah


  1. I like it. Since your stories seem to be based in a lot of Scientific Phenomenon, I think it is fitting. And it's pretty original, so there won't be another novel with the name.

  2. I honestly think that Quantum Entanglement is a wonderful title. It rolls of my tounge quite nicely, and like Noree said, it would stand out amongst other titles, because it's so unique. And beautiful fireworks, I love them! :D xxx

    1. Thanks Jessica! I appreciate the input! :D

  3. When it comes to what your series is about, I think this is a perfect name.

  4. I actually think that it is a really interesting name for your book, especially if it fits the theme of the series!

    1. Thanks for the input, Kristina! I appreciate it! :D