Thursday, May 31, 2012

Little Princesses and Dark Horses

Anyone who's been following me at all closely knows that I am currently reading George R.R. Martin's epic fantasy series, A Song of Fire and Ice, which includes the first novel entitled Game of Thrones. HBO is currently making this into a series.

Though I'm not a HUGE fan of Martin's writing style, I simply can't get enough of his characters and plot lines!  They're fantastic!

One of my favorite ways to get the creative juices flowing is to take a great phrase, line, or image and try to create a story around it.  When a particular line or image stands out to me while I'm reading, I always have to stop and write it down so I can think about it more later.

So here's my challenge: I'm going to give you an image I recently picked up in my reading.  Everyone tell me what it makes you think of.  You can just give me a line or two.  Or, by all means, give me a whole story.  In a few days, I'll tell you what I came up with.  This doesn't have to be all fleshed out; it's just an exercise.  Have fun with it.

Image: A little princess swaddled in a cowled robe atop a dark horse.

Have fun!


  1. Hello again, I am following you GFC.

  2. Thanks again! I am following both your blogs as well! :D

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