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The Walking Dead Recap, Episode 3: Four Walls and a Roof

Sorry this is so late this week. Crazy week. 

Episode 3: Four Walls and a Roof

We open right after last week's episode cut off. Bob is still a captive of the Termites in what we find out is a school. Gareth is still talking (of course he is) and eating Bob. Among other things he comments that he thinks women and pretty people taste better. (Really, Gareth? You weren't enough of a douche already? You had to throw that in, did ya?) Then gets a very satisfying, victorious moment (more than likely his last) when he reveals that while they were at the food bank, he was bitten by a walker on the shoulder. He shouts that they are eating tainted meat, while the Termites spit him out and gag. Gareth seems mostly unworried, because they cooked him. This is an interesting question because we really don't know the answer. We've never seen anyone actually eat a walker or infected person--why would they?--so we don't know what affect this will have on the Termites.


Outside the church, Sasha searches for Bob, but finds only walkers. Rick and Tyrese turn up to say that Daryl and Carol are missing too. Sasha goes inside to interrogate Father Gabriel. Rick keeps her from hurting the priest, but he demands to know what Gabriel has done. Gabriel reveals that, when everything first went bad, he locked the doors, leaving his congregation to be ripped apart by the undead. He's obviously really messed up about it, but it also just feeds back into fear and his refusal to act. 

Next, Bob is returned. The Termites leave him on the lawn in front of the church, where Rick and co. pick him up and take him inside. This was kind of bizarre to me. Obviously the Termites don't want to eat any more of Bob, but why return him? Why bring him back rather than just kill him? It makes more sense later, though. In short order, Bob reveals to everyone else that he's been bitten, and that Gareth told him Daryl and Carol drove off together.

Abraham demands that they leave for D.C. immediately. There's too much of a threat to Eugene and he wants to "extract [Eugene's] ass" before it's too late. He wants to go and take the bus, but Rick won't hear of it, and the two of them nearly come to blows. Rick says Daryl and Carol will come back, and they aren't leaving without all their people. Glen gets in between the two alpha-males, and manages to keep them from coming to blows. Tara says she has a plan, but she wants Abraham to stay and help. She says if he does, she'll go with him to D.C., no matter what. Abraham demands that Glen and Maggie come too, and when Rick refuses, another fight nearly breaks out. Finally, Glen says if Abraham stays, he and Maggie will go with him the next day. Abraham agrees.

"The plan" isn't laid out for us right away, except to say that it's daring. Sasha wants to go to avenge Bob (understandable) but Tyrese wants her to stay behind and take advantage of the little time Bob has left. He says he knows how she feels, and mentions forgiveness. Sasha thinks he's nuts, but this is actually a very poignant moment. No one would understand better than Tyrese what it's like to suddenly lose your significant other. He tries to impart his wisdom--what his journey since the prison has taught him. Though Sasha is nowhere ready to hear it, it's still a touching moment.

Rick, Michonne, Glen, Maggie, Sasha and Abraham all head out into the night, seemingly looking for the Termites. Carl, Rosita, Eugene, Father, Gabriel, Tyrese, and baby Judith all stay behind in the church. As soon as the superheroes of the team disappear into the darkness, Gareth and his entourage emerge from across the way, where they've obviously been watching and waiting. They enter the church, and Gareth immediately starts talking. Seriously, I'm getting so annoyed with having to listen to this guy's flippant, holier-than-thou voice. If you're going to do something terrible, just do it. Don't sit there and talk about it like you're so magnanimous for explaining your evil deeds before and after you do them. Seriously Dude, just shut up!

Just as the Termites are about to enter the room the weaker half of the apocalypse team is holed up behind, two of them get their brains blown out. Rick's voice comes from the darkness, demanding they put their guns down. (Nice.) It's unclear whether this was the plan all along or if Rick just got the feeling at some point that they should go back, but I got the vibe that Rick planned it this way. He--or Tara--must have known the Termites would be watching, waiting for an opportune moment. (This may be why they returned Bob--to get Rick and co to come after them, leaving the weaker group members behind.) Well played, Mr. Grimes. Well played.

Thereafter follows a very gory massacre. The Termites get on their knees. Gareth even tries to beg, swearing the paths of the two groups will never cross again. Given everything the Termites have already done, it's really too little too late. As Rick points out, they'll just go eat someone else, even if they do keep their word. Besides, Rick made Gareth a vow that he'd kill him with the red-handled machete. Yeah, Rick really kept his word. He, Sasha, and Abraham really went to town on these guys. It was di-sgust-ing! 

Glen and Maggie sort of stood back from the gore, and Tyrese retreated into the room, not wanting to take part, either. I wonder if, in a way, we're seeing something of a schism in the team, here, between those who are fighting to keep their humanity, and those who have--at least to a greater extent--given up on it. Father Gabriel emerges, looks at the gorefest around him and says, "But this is God's house." To which Maggie replies, giving us the episode's title, "No. It's just four walls and a roof."

As the night wears on, everyone says their goodbyes to Bob. He thanks Rick because Rick took him in, because he's the kind of guy that took people in, and before the prison Bob didn't think there were any good people left. It's a really sweet moment. He tells Rick to look at Judith and tell him the world won't change. At this point, Judith seems to have fallen asleep on Rick's shoulder. It's definitely an awww moment.

The next morning, Bob finally succumbs. Sasha is with him, and they have a sad few last moments. Sasha starts crying when Bob's eyes close, and Tyrese comes in, takes the knife from her, and kills Walker-Bob before he can actually materialize. 

The next day, Abraham, Rosita, Eugene, Maggie, Glen, and Tara all board the short bus for D.C. Abraham gives Rick a map showing the route they'll take. I love the note he leaves on it! (See pic.) 

Rick helps Tyrese bury the Termites' bodies, and he asks about Tyrese's journey between the prison and the church. (Remember that neither Tyrese nor Carol have told anyone about the Lizzie/Meeka situation.) Tyrese only says, "It killed me," to which Rick replies, "No it didn't." An interesting exchange, and hopefully it will be fleshed out a little more in future episodes.

Day turns into night, and Michonne is keeping watch on the front porch of the church! Oh! I forgot to mention one of the best parts of this episode! Michonne gets her sword back! The Termites had it. Thank goodness they're reunited! Michonne isn't Michonne without her sword! Anyway, so she's bonding with her sword on the porch and Father Gabriel comes out. Not sure why he's picked Michonne to confide in, but she is probably the best one to understand having hurt people you should have cared about. He says he can hear all the horror of what he did again. She tells him that won't go away, but it will get better.

Now comes the weirdest part of the whole episode. They hear something in the bushes, so Gabriel goes back inside while Michonne goes to investigate. The bushes rustle, and Michonne gets ready with her sword. And out comes...Daryl! Okay, this was the LAST thing I expected. I mean, it's only been 24 hours since he and Carol drove off to chase the Beth-napper. I thought it would be days or longer before we saw them again. How on earth did they get there, hatch a plan, find Beth, and bring her out in just a day? Well, maybe they didn't. We don't really know yet. I was just truly shocked to see...him!

Daryl turns and says, "Come on out." But of course they can't show us who's with him! Stupid TWD writers! Making us all crazy! Anyway, that was the end of the episode. After discussing it at length with family and several work friends who watch the show, we've decided there's really only three possibilities here. 

1) It's both Beth and Carol, and they just didn't want us to know until after next episode that he managed to rescue Beth.

2) It's ONLY Beth, which might mean that something bad happened to Carol. I've said this before: while I love Carol and really don't want her to die, if she were to sacrifice herself for other members of the team, it would go a long way toward atonement for murdering Karen and David. It would be tremendously sad, but fitting. And, for the record, Daryl did look pretty haunted. Something bad must have happened. The question is, what?

3) It's neither Carol nor Beth. It might be someone completely off the wall; a twist we would never have guessed. TWD is awesome at that, after all. Some people have suggested Morgan, but I kind of doubt that. Daryl and Morgan have never met. What are the chances that, amidst the rescue of Beth, they had time to meet, get chummy, have a heart to heart, realize they both know Rick, and then decide to head back to the church together. Again, there's just no time! There are rumors that Moralis, from season 1, might re-enter the story this season. That seems more likely to me, as Daryl knew Moralis at the Quarry and would remember him.

For the record, I doubt it's JUST Carol that will come out of the bushes. That wouldn't be shocking. They left together, after all.

I also notice that episode 5 (not the next one about Beth, but the one after that) is called "The Choice." So I wonder if Daryl doesn't find Beth--maybe someone carts her off somewhere before he can get to her or something--and he comes back to tell his story, and then they'll have to choose whether to go after Beth or just head north to Washington. Of course, now that I say that, it sounds trite. Chances are "the choice" will be way more brutal than that. 

Some funnier interpretations:

Daryl's really hiding Anthony the Turtle.

And then there's this from the trailer. Just sayin'.


Has nothing to do with anything, but loved this fan art. Had to share it!

How did everyone else like this episode? What are your theories for the next couple of episodes? Who do you think will come out of the bushes?

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