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The Walking Dead Recap: Episode 2 -- Strangers

For some reason, in Utah they're showing The Walking Dead super late, rather than at 7 MST as has been the case in the past. Because I work early morning on Mondays, I can't stay up and watch it. I probably will watch it on Tuesdays most days, which means these recaps won't go up until Wednesday. Just letting everyone know. 

Episode 2: Strangers

We start out with Rick and the group in the woods. On the preview, there was a whole lot of slow motion walking. This was the episode it came from. Tons of slow-mo walkage here. 


Rick talks to Tara about the fact that she was with the Governor. I read that there would be some tension between the two of them about this, but actually Rick is really cool to her about it. He accepts her into the group officially. After which she offers her fist for a bump, and Rick waits way too long to return the bump, which makes it awkward. And funny.


*Slow-mo walkage*

Tyrese and Carol talk while filling water bottles at the river. Tyrese wants to make sure that everyone in the group accepts what she did back at the prison. (Killing Karen and David.) Carol is a little resistant to the idea, which seems to be her theme lately, but more on that later.

*More slow-mo walking*


Michonne is forced to kill a zombie without her sword, which is a little sad. Wish she still had it. 


Then Rick talks to Carol. He says he owes her anything. He says he sent her away from the prison to "this" and now they're joining her. He asks if she'll have them. This wasn't my favorite part. First of all, I thought it was unnecessary. The hug last week communicated way more than this interchange. And I didn't like that he was asking permission. It's one thing to apologize for kicking her out and try to move forward, but asking her permission felt odd to me. She gives Rick his watch, which she found at Terminus, but she refuses to take her watch back from him. Here's this theme of resistance from her again: giving something to the group, but refusing to take. Almost refusing to actually be part of them.

That night, Carol and Daryl are on watch, and he keeps looking over at her, but she won't meet his eye. She says she doesn't want to talk about it, but just wants to forget. Daryl respects that, but we see a fundamental problem here. Carol is hiding from her feelings, shying away from talking about what she did. I know not everyone likes to talk their feelings but she's not going to be able to put it behind her or feel close to the group again until she hashes it out. Everyone needs catharsis, whether they admit or not, and Carol is being very resistant to that right now. 

After that, Daryl thinks he hears something in the woods, but eventually determines that it's nothing. But we see someone or something watching them from the woods. The next day, Daryl tells Rick (after showing up with five squirrels over his shoulder) that he didn't find any tracks or sign of anyone, but he feels like they're being watched. 

Meanwhile, Abraham wants to find a road and head north again, which Rick agrees to. And Sasha and Bob are all cute and kissy-kissy.

A cry of help comes from the woods and the group runs to assist. They find a priest perched atop a rock and surrounded by walkers. After killing the walkers, they get to know Gabriel, who has never killed a single walker, has no sense of humor, and is really very awkward for a priest. I actually thought this part was hilarious. It was just. So. Awkward. The entire group was looking at him like the was crazy, and he couldn't think of anything to say. He comments on how beautiful Judith was and everyone steps closer as if he'd threatened her. Then he starts making jokes about killing the squirrels, and both Rick and Daryl look like they want to kill him. Dude, for your own safety, stop trying to be funny!

The other thing that struck me about Gabriel is how scared he is. Of everything. I read a lot about his character joining the show--a priest hiding a dark past--but I guess I just didn't expect him to be such a wuss. He takes them to his church, though, so at least they have a place to hole up for awhile. He gets points for that.

After that, it's decided that they need to go on a supply run, for which they split into groups. Ty will stay with Judith--he's really very attached to this baby, but in a good way. (On The Talking Dead, Chad Coleman said he thought the most noble thing a man could do was protect a child. I thought that was sweet. *Cue the 'awwwww.'*

Rick tells Carl to never let his guard down, because he's never safe (probably good advice) but Carl, while not disagreeing, points out that everyone in the group is strong enough to handle themselves, even in the face of danger, and that they are also strong enough to help others. I loved this! Last season, Rick took Carl's gun away for awhile to nurture his human side, and now we're seeing that side, in direct contrast to Rick's new found brutality.

On the way to get supplies, Bob talks to Rick, positive as ever, about how Rick will surely agree to go to Washington, because it's the best way to move forward. He says the world they live in is a nightmare, and nightmare's end (presumably when Eugene gets to Washington and effects the cure).

Coming back from getting water, Daryl and Carol talk again. Daryl says it's okay if she still doesn't want to talk, but they all get to start over together. Then they see a car on the side of the road. She checks it to find the battery dead, but there's a working battery charger in the trunk. She says they should leave it there for backup in case things go bad at Gabriel's church. Then Daryl approaches again, saying she can and should start over, and she tells him she wants to. Watching this the first time, I thought this was a little odd. Not that it was bad at all, but this has all already been established. Daryl bear-hugged her back into the group, she has Daryl's forgiveness, she and Tyrese are somewhat kindred because of what they've been through, so why do they keep pushing this point? Well, it made sense later. Then Daryl does this totally adorable thing where he motions with his hand and accidentally throws a gallon of water at her, and gets embarrassed. It's just so very human and normal.

Meanwhile, Maggie, Glen and Tara go to clean out a gun shop and find some silencers. And Glen trips over a mop, which was not very important, but kind of funny. Very human. (One of the reasons I liked this episode is that we got to see them all smiling, hanging out together, and experiencing some degree of normalcy.)

Rick, Michonne, Bob, Sasha, and Gabriel go to a food bank to find more food. The basement, as it turns out, is flooded, and a dozen or so walkers are wandering around in water that apparently smells like sewer puke. These walkers were the most disgusting ones we've seen since the well walker in season 2. Definitely nasty. Things go pretty well until a walker pops up from under water and grabs Bob. He fights it off (I think) but it was a close call. Meanwhile, Gabriel sees a walker that used to be a woman with blond hair and horn-rimmed glasses and freaks out. Rick notices. While walking back, Rick surmises she's someone Gabriel knew when she was alive, but Gabriel remains tight-lipped about his past.

Rick and Michonne also talk. He asks her if she misses her sword and, surprisingly, her answer is no. She gives one of the funnier lines of the episode: "I don't know what that was, but it wasn't living. Not like today. Stumbling around in three feet of slime for some peas and carrots? That's living."

When they return to the church, Carl shows Rick where he's found scratches around the church windows, where someone might have been trying to get in. There's also a message carved into the wood: "You will burn for this." Gabriel is definitely hiding something dark. Sounds like they're sticking to the comic books for this, but we'll have to see how it plays out.

In the next scene everyone is together in the church, eating and celebrating. Abraham openly campaigns for the group to come with him to Washington. Rick finally says he's on board (or maybe that was Judith :D). When Bob kisses Sasha, he gets kind of sad. This was the first time we see weirdness from him. My first thought when I saw that was, "Ope, Bob's gonna die. No idea why, but something's going to happen." We also see Carol throwing glances at the church doors.

Tara tells Maggie that she was at the prisoner with the Governor. I thought this scene was handled perfectly. Maggie first seems very saddened and disturbed to find this out, and we see her go through a continuum of emotions in only a few seconds, but she finally hugs Tara and says she's with them now. I thought it was a great bonding moment.

Then Rick finally gives the notorious line we've all been listening to on the trailer for so many months. He tells Gabriel that if he doesn't want to talk about what he's hiding, that's his business, but if his secret hurts any of Ricks family, he'll kill him.

Okay, one thing that made me smile about this episode is that it's the classic format that gets made fun of so much online. Most of the episode, very little happened. Just people talking. Then, the last ten minutes, there's all this jaw-dropping action and you can't believe you have to wait a week for the next episode!

Carol goes outside and gets that car running. A walker shows up, which she easily kills, but it's obvious that she's planning to leave. I think that's what the staring-at-the-church-doors was about. It's also what Daryl's bugging her about starting over was about. I didn't get it until I saw her trying to leave, but I think Daryl was picking up on a vibe of her wanting to take off. Though he didn't see it directly say it, he was basically begging her to stay. Yeah, she was gonna leave anyway. Jerk. But anyway, Daryl comes out and asks what she's doing. She says she really doesn't know. 

Then they hear the squealing of tires. They hide behind the car Carol has gotten running and a car zooms by them on perpendicular street ahead. Daryl runs tot he head of the road to see what's what, and it's the same car that kidnapped Beth! (Dah!) He runs back and bashes out the tail lights of the car (the only ones working). Carol asks what he's doing, to which he replies, "They've got Beth!" They both jump in the car and speed after the Beth-napper.

Couple of things here:

1) Yea! I was so excited that this happened. Go find her, Daryl!

2) I'm sorry but I'm a Bethyl shipper and I've gotta say it. Last week, everyone was saying that, after that hug, Daryl and Carol were obviously getting together, and I disagreed. And not just because I want him and Beth together, but because Carol didn't seem happy enough to see Daryl. Happy? Yes. In love? No. This episode cemented that for me. Obviously Daryl's presence isn't enough to keep her with the group. He's practically begging her to stay, and she was gonna leave anyway. (Insane woman! She's like the only woman in the world who wouldn't stay with Daryl if he asked her to. *rubs bridge of nose*) But I think it's all connected. She won't talk about what she did, she shies away from being emotionally open with the group, even Daryl, and I think there's a lot of guilt and such that's making her distance herself. If she can work through it, she can go back to being part of the group again.

Came across this and had to post it. It gets funnier the longer you watch
it. (Source)
Finally, outside the church, Bob starts to cry. He's alone, and it's not clear what he's so upset about. Many people believe maybe he really was bitten when that walker grabbed him in the flooded food pantry, and he just didn't tell anyone. That's the most obvious conclusion, but there are some things about it that don't make sense to me as well. 

But, it hardly matters, because a figure in a dark hoodie conks Bob on the head and drags him away. When he wakes up, very woozily, he's surrounded by Gareth and several other Termites, including the douche-bag that threatened to snap Judith's neck, who Tyrese supposedly killed. Gareth tells Bob that nothing that happens to him--nothing they do to him--is personal. But when Bob looks down, his leg is gone. Gareth then proceeds to eat some of Bob's front of him! He says Bob tastes really good. Um, got news for you Gareth: it doesn't get much more personal than that.

So, major questions: Is Bob gonna die, or just become the new Hershel? Was he bitten? If so, will eating him kill the Termites? (Not likely. That'd be too easy.) Or will their cutting off his leg save his life? (Again, not based on what has been the case in the past, but I suppose it's possible.) And finally, will Daryl and Carol find Beth? (I'm gonna take a wild guess and say yes, but not right away. Obviously it's going to be more complicated and difficult than we can currently imagine.)

Anyway, overall, I really liked the episode and can't wait (shocking, I know) for next week.

How did everyone else like this episode?

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