Sunday, October 26, 2014

St. George Book Festival!

Over the weekend I was down in St. George (southern Utah) at the St. George Book Festival. There was a day of workshops, of which I taught one on Writing in Multiple Genres, and then the expo was the next day where myself and about sixty other authors sold their books. 

All the JFP Authors who attended. From left to right: Lehua Parker, Teri Harman,
 Johnny Worthen, Yours Truly, and Berk Washburn (of The Brothers' Washburn)
It was great! The workshops were enlightening. My own presentation went well--I got a few compliments on it--even if it did run about ten minutes too short. 

My awesome dad, who came to keep me company,
do the heavy lifting, the driving, and learn some
stuff himself. We had a blast! Love you, Dad! :D

Dean Hughes was the keynote speaker. I thought he was great. Very entertaining and also insightful. I haven't read his books myself but he's one of my brother's favorite authors. My brother is always telling me I should read Children of the Promise.

Dean Hughes, Keynote Speaker
The expo itself on Saturday, was a bit more disappointing. Everyone promised it would be well-attended, but we were tucked away on the third floor of the children's museum and I don't think people knew where to find us. Most of us only sold a handful of books. 

But, that's okay. I got to network with other authors a lot and I handed out almost one hundred bookmarks. I'd call that a day well spent! :D

The beautiful St. George temple, set against the earthy
tones of southern Utah.
How was everyone else's weekend?


  1. Sounds like a successful event! Sorry you didn't sell a lot, but at least you learned and made contacts.