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Knife of Dreams Read-Along, Week 3

Welcome to week 3 of our Knife of Dreams Read-Along! This week we read chapters 2-7. Remember that everything in this section as well as everything that's come before is fair game for spoilers, so read at your own risk. I'm hosting this week!

Aludra (Source)
1) We finally get more details on Aludra's plans with the elusive bell founders and all. Do you see this plan succeeding? What will it mean for the Last Battle? How will it play out?

I won't say and spoil but it's pretty cool. :D

2) Mistress Anan finally reveals some of her past. Were you surprised by anything she said? 

I don't remember if I figured it out the first time I read it, but the second time through it seemed pretty obvious that she used to be Aes Sedai. I'm actually kind of surprised that she just admitted it, rather than saying something cleverly diverting or just outright denying it. 

3) We saw tons of Mat and Tuon this week. From her snapping a'dam onto Aes Sedai necks to finding out she might have had her siblings assassinated to seeing Suroth's plan to declare her an impostor and have her killed in action to participating in a knife fight for/with her, Mat had his hands full. Feel free to comment on any part of this story line. What stood out to you, shocked you, delighted you? Where do you think it will go from here? What repercussions will it have? 

All kinds of stuff going on with these two this week. Her putting the a'dam on the Aes Sedai was kind of shocking, but in a lot of ways, I think it might have been good for them. Put some humility in them, you know? I think it's hilarious that Mat's future wife might just assassinate him if he pisses her off. About time he learns to understand women, eh? The knife fight was cool, and I thought it was awesome that Tuon participated, even kind of saving Mat. It shows that she's tougher than she looks, and is already quite loyal to Mat. It was also interesting that she saw the whole name thing as a game. And she won. Now that Mat's marrying her, I don't think he gets to win anymore. :D

The whole thing where Vane got uppity and left the dice game and then showed up to attack Mat was kind of obvious to me. Anyone else?

4) A Shiota ghost town makes a rather disturbing appearance in Mat's life. What do you think was the cause of it, and what does it mean for our characters?

That was creepy, right? It might have been another bubble of evil, or maybe just evidence that the Last Battle is drawing near. The Dark One touching the world, and such. 

Mat, Thom and Noal doing...uh, something.
5) Apparently Mat, Thom, and Noal might be setting out to rescue Moiraine. Were you surprised by this, or by what was finally revealed to be in her letter to Thom? Do you think they can succeed?

We'e been waiting for this for so long! The letter was quite telling about Thom and Moiraine's relationship (assuming they can rescue her). "My dearest Thom" doesn't sound like it's squarely in the friend zone. 

I wasn't totally surprised by this. Lots of people thought Moiraine might show up again. This is the classic mentor-who-"dies"-then-suddenly-reappears-in-another-book thing. See: Gandalf, Dumbledore, Aslan, etc. The difference is that Jordan has made us wait six books and something like 5,000 pages for the mere mention that she might be able to return.  And yes, if anyone can succeed, I think Mat, Thom, and Noal can. You couldn't ask for better rescuers! :D

Perrin Aybara (Source)
6) Someone tried to assassinate Perrin. Who do you think it was and why? What do you think of how things are going with his alliance with the Seanchan? Will their forkroot plan work?

I honestly don't remember who it was or if we ever find out who or why. I think just about anyone might have wanted to. The Forsaken, anyone who doesn't like the idea of the Dragon Reborn's BFF making nice with the Seanchan, maybe Sevanna? I actually think their alliance is going well. If anyone can make this work, it's easy-going Perrin. It seems like the Seanchan are beginning to genuinely respect him. 

As for the plan, I'm sure it will work, but, as always, I'm sure they'll also run into unforeseen difficulties. We can always count on that. :D


Bayle Domon and Egeanin got married. Yea! I loved how everyone gave Mat sympathetic looks and talked about how fickle women are, but it doesn't occur to anyone that Mat and Egeanin's supposed relationship might have been a load of crap. :D

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What did everyone else think of this section?


  1. 1. I don't think any of us were particularly surprised. I was a bit shocked at her dislike for the Seanchan. Did we already know about this? I know they destroyed her guild, but she was already well out of the guild and a free agent by that time. I suspect that her dragons will be used not so much against the Seanchan as against the Shadow, which frankly is fine with me.

    2. I think I spoiled this earlier because I thought it was never spelled out. My mistake! Anyway, yes, as Sue has worked out by now, Setalle Anan is very likely Martine Janata, the Brown ter'angreal expert who burned herself out in an accident. That is why she's so unusually interested in Mat's foxhead.

    3. I continue in my quest not to understand Tuon, but I think that's mostly because she's Tuon, and not because she's a woman. Mat seems to blame it on the latter, and to be honest he might not be the best understander of women, but I think Tuon is on a different level. I'm happy to see them growing closer and I can't wait to see some chapters from Tuon's point of view. Those promise to be quite interesting.

    I think Vane is the same merchant who tried to assassinate Mat and Rand at that inn back in Eye of the World. Am I right? In any case I believe both this attack and Perrin's stem from Moridin and his order that they be killed. Timing is too much of a coincidence otherwise. Remember Semirhage saying that if Moridin had shared their description sooner, one might already be dead? This is a big hint that Semirhage has seen one of them, and knows him well enough to recognize. So basically the odds are really dropping on the Semirhage = Anath theory.

    4. Quite freaky, yeah. I know Robert Jordan claimed that the twelfth book would be the last, and knowing that these are clear signs of the impending last battle. I guess if he had known that there would be three more, he would have waited a bit more with the really shocking ones.

    5. Woo! I don't have to pretend like she's dead any more! I sure was surprised, but I know better now. :-)

    It's also obvious now that Min's "Rand will fail without a dead woman" viewing is about Moiraine. So she has an important role to play yet. But which?

    "Remember what you know about the game of snakes and foxes. Remember, and heed."

    6. See my theory on 3. This was darkfriends, possibly under Semirhage's thumb, who recognized him from drawings or descriptions and acted probably on impulse.

    1. I'd never heard the theory of Setalle Anan being Martine Janata. That's super-cool. Will have to obsess a bit and research it more. I think you're right about this being linked to Moridin. Like you said, timing is too coincidental otherwise. The whole Snakes and Foxes aspect is one of my favorite parts of this world. :D

    2. I hadn't figured out that Anan was Janata, but I know I am the slow one in this group. And i have to say that I have much better retention of names when eyeball reading versus audiobooks. But the audiobooks of this series let me 'read' as I work.

      Rand's BFFs are creeping closer and closer to serious trouble, and they don't seem to realize it. Both of the assassination attempts on Mat and Perrin could have gone another way.

      I hope Mat, Thom, and Noal don't take Olver's game of Snakes & Foxes with them on their quest as reference material. Olver loves that game too much!

  2. Tuon is highly competitive and I think this is good for Mat. And Vane leaving the dice game was pretty obvious. I was totally expecting Mat to get jumped, but I didn't expect the numbers.

    I am definitely looking forward to seeing what Mat, Thom, and Noal can do in rescuing Moiraine. Though I expect that once she is back in the picture, she will be doing some rescuing too.

    And I think it is very sweet that Bayle and Egeanin are now married. Just one more bridge to span that huge cultural gap between the Seanchan and Randlanders.