Friday, May 25, 2012

Storm of Swords Book Review--Awesome

So I finally finished book 3 of George R.R. Martin's epic fantasy series, entitled A Storm of Swords.  I read somewhere that book 3 was a fan favorite, and boy now do I know why! It was fantastic! What an amazing book!   There were so many jaw-dropping twists.  Martin is a master at hitting the audience between the eyes with things they never see coming.    
My favorite story line by far is Arya's, and I'll admit to being a bit frustrated with the way her story line ended here.  Not that it was at all bad, and she's definitely headed off to more adventure, but it just wasn't particularly what I wanted her to do (go find Gendry!!!)
Of course Tyrion's story line is not far behind and I can't get enough of Jon and the Wall either.  And any way in which I might have been frustrated serve only to propel me toward volume 4 that much faster.  
This is the kind of book that, by the end, it royally sucks to be every. Single. Character.  You look back at the beginning to where everyone is relatively normal and happy, and it's so sad because by this time, they're all royally screwed up! But you love the characters so much and are routing for them so hard that you can't help but love it and want more.  (Needless to say, the fantastic-ness is not because the story is happy and bubbly.)
Here's to hoping the story stays this good for the next two books and the sixth one, which I understand is expected some time next year.  Hooray for epic fantasy sagas!  They keep me entirely too entertained! Can't wait to read the next one! :D


  1. Epics are such an investment in time, especially if you enjoy the series. Thanks for the book review and for stopping at my blog recently.

  2. They truly are! I feel like I can't pick up anything else until I get through these. I'm nearly done with book 4, and then there's just book 5, though I don't think the author's finished. There's internet buzz about book 6 in 2013, but at least that's several months away. Wish me luck with them! Hope to see you in LUW soon! :D